Dragon Strand Caging Systems

Caging Systems

Dragon Strand offers a number of caging systems to meet a variety of needs.

The Dragon Strand Breeder Series is a premium line specifically designed for breeders of arboreal reptiles and their special requirements.  The breeder series is designed with solid sides which make them ideal for automated misting systems and visual isolation.  Their dimensions are centered around standard 18” wide wire shelving commonly used in breeding rooms and easily found at major clubs and home improvement stores. Time is always of the essence with large collections.  These cages have trap doors and removable PVC floors for quick spot cleaning.  And finally, with the proprietary branch holders installed in your enclosure, interior decorating with branches and vines is a simple affair.  The Branch Holders provide a stable anchor with a variety of mounting methods.

The Dragon Strand Keeper Series is an economical way to house arboreal reptiles. The full screen construction gives 360 degree viewing of your pet and the highest ventilation possible.  The Keeper series also has the solid PVC floor and trap door which makes access and cleaning quick with minimal disturbance to the cage occupant.  Each cage comes with two vine holders which give a good anchor for artificial perching vines.

Both the Breeder Series and Keeper Series offer the ventilation necessary for keeping many arboreal species.  These include chameleons, Rhacodactylus geckos, Abronia alligator lizards, Uroplatus geckos, and Phyllomedusa  waxy monkey frogs.