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Dragon Strand Investigation

Dragon Strand Investigative Report: Rack Abuse!

This is a Dragon Strand Investigative Report.  Thor the Dragon reporting (that’s me above). A number of disturbing observations have been made by our eyes and ears in the field.  They wish to remain anonymous, but suffice to say they may or may not be escaped feeder dubia (non-infesti
Chameleon cage rack breeding system

Screen Cages vs. Solid Side Cages for Chameleons

The Dragon Strand Breeder Series cages are designed for arboreal reptiles and amphibians.  The Breeder Series combines solid PVC sides and back with screen front and top.  Breeders of herps such as Rhacodactylus (New Caledonia Geckos), Abronia (Mexican Alligator Lizards) and Phyllomed