Dragon Strand Caging Systems

2x Medium Tall Keeper Deep Substrate Tray Bundle


Note: This product contains two cages with Dragon Ledges. Placing one of these in your shopping cart will result in two systems being shipped. This bundle saves money on shipping.

Substrate Trays fit inside the cage on top of the PVC floor. It is a water-tight container that gives you the option to add a substrate layer of dirt or moss. The entire substrate tray is easily removable through the trap door without disturbing the upper part of the cage.

The Deep Substrate Tray gives 5.5” of substrate depth.


Each cage footprint has a compatible Substrate Tray. Please ensure you order the correct tray size.

Warning: For indoor use only! Black PVC absorbs sunlight and will warp if left out in the sun or exposed to high heat. Do not sun dry after cleaning.

The DSST181706-B Medium Tall Deep Substrate Tray is compatible with the DSKC181736-B Medium Tall Keeper Cage

Additional information

Weight 16 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 18 × 14 in