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X-Large Breeder Cage


This breeder cage has the white PVC walls of the breeder series and the standard 48″ tall cage dimensions.  Outside dimensions are 23.75″ wide x 23″ deep x 48″ tall.  This cage comes with five Dragon Ledge branch holders.

This cage is built to order.  Please inquire about lead-time before ordering. There may be a build already scheduled. To check this, click over to the shopping cart page and scroll down to find the latest schedule.

Note: This cage does not fit the standard baker’s racks as the other members of the series do.

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The XLarge Breeder Cage deviates from the normal Breeder series philosophy of being baker’s rack compatible and gives the full inside space found in the standard 48″ tall keeper cage. This is for those that desire the benefits of the breeder series, but do not need the cage to fit on a rack system.

The propriety Dragon Strand breeder cage system is designed for the breeder of arboreal reptiles and amphibians.  Though these cages can be used by anyone, this cage system has features specifically to make housing and maintaining groups of animals more efficient.

Automated Hydration Ready:  To successfully maintain breeding groups of arboreal reptiles or amphibians an automated misting system is critical.  With solid PVC sides and back, Dragon Strand Breeder cages easily accommodate automated misting systems.  Misting systems may be installed without worrying about water shooting out of the opposite cage wall and damaging furniture and walls.

Visual Isolation: Solid walls provide visual isolation so that territorial behavior does not weaken your breeding group.

Easy interior Set-up:  Arboreal herps require branches, vines, other climbing surfaces and foliage. Dragon Strand Breeder Cages comes with vine loops and, on the larger cages, pre-installed branch holders which make creating an interior environment simple.  Branches, artificial vines and foliage can be installed in minutes.

Quick cleaning: With a group to maintain, time is at a premium with cage cleaning.  A service door and removable PVC floor make both spot cleaning and deep cleaning of the floor a quick, easy, and non-intrusive event.

Drainage Tray: Drainage Trays are water catching trays that sit under the cage. They collect excess water that flows through the cage and keeps the furniture mourned the cage safe from water. Excess water is removed either naturally by evaporation or manually by use of a wet/dry vac (or even just a turkey baster). The following article is a good reference on how the drainage trays work.   Article: Drainage Trays

Your choice of drainage tray depends on your cage decoration strategy. The XLarge Breeder Cage is compatible with the following Drainage Trays.

One Centerpiece Plant = XLarge Breeder Drainage Tray. This is the standard tray.  It is used with the PVC floor included standard with the cage and may be used with one potted plant in the middle of the floor.

Clear Floor = XLarge Breeder Drip Easy Drainage System. If all plants and landscaping is mounted with the Dragon Ledges and the floor is clear you may use the Drip Easy System which provides a screen floor panel to replace the standard PVC floor panel.  This removes the visual floor and provides a much nicer visual effect for naturalistic cage set-ups.

Multiple Floor items = 25″ Heavy Duty Drainage Tray. This tray provides much more support for the PVC floor and allows more placement of pots and floor items.


Substrate Tray: A substrate tray is available for caging situations that require a substrate. This could be for any species that is semi-terrestrial or lays their eggs in the leaf litter. Examples of species that would benefit from a substrate include Uroplatus and pygmy chameleons. These substrate trays are 3″ high and made from thick PVC which allows you to drill holes in the bottom. When used with a drainage tray this strategy allows water to drain out of the substrate tray so you do not have to worry about saturating your substrate. Note: We discourage using the substrate tray to catch water as this keeps the waste water inside the cage where waste and escaped feeder insects can mingle and potentially be eaten later.

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Weight 22 lbs
Dimensions 49 × 25 × 5 in

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