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Medium Wide Breeder Cage, Clear Front


This version of the Medium Wide Breeder has a clear  front door and service door. The clear material is a durable, flexible PVC making it almost was light as screen, but stronger.  Please note: This material is NOT acrylic! This version is appropriate for applications where your animal requires high humidity or you live in a low humidity environment. For the screen version, click here Medium Wide Breeder (Screen Front)

The Dragon Strand Medium Wide Breeder Cage is designed for mid-sized arboreal reptiles and amphibians.  The Breeder Series cages can be used by breeders or keepers who keep multiple herps in the same room. Solid cage walls provide visual isolation, more effective lighting, and containment for your mist and watering. Keep the mist in the cage and off your room floor and walls! Specially designed branch holders make it simple to branch your cage with wood branches or artificial vines. Removable cage bottoms are accessible through a trap door making daily cleaning easy with minimal disturbance to the inhabitants. These cages fit standard 18” deep wire shelving making the most efficient use of your space.

Medium Wide Breeder Cage dimensions: 21.5″ W x 16″ D x 30″ H

Both a Drainage Tray and Substrate Trays are also available

A Drainage Tray to collect excess water is available here

Two Substrate Trays are available  The 3” high tray is available here and the 4” high tray is available here.


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The Dragon Strand Medium Wide Breeder Cage is designed for mid-sized arboreal reptiles and amphibians.  This size is suitable for Chameleons, Uroplatus leaf tailed geckos, Rhacodactylus, Abronia, Phyllomedusa and other like sized herps. Check here for a complete article on setting up the Medium Wide cage for a naturalistic environment (in this case, for Uroplatus sameiti leaf tailed geckos).

Uroplatus Leaf Tailed Geckos in Dragon Strand Cages

The Technology. The clear front uses a thick, clear PVC sheet. This PVC technology produces a flexible, but durable sheet that is as clear as glass or acrylic, almost as light as screen and more scratch resistant than acrylic. It is pulled taut, but still retains some flexibility which is advantageous when keeping animals such as Uroplatus and Rhacodactylus which aggressively launch themselves at feeders. The clear PVC absorbs the shock  and decreases the chance of snout damage. See the video below for an introduction to the clear PVC.

The Dragon Strand Medium Wide Breeder Cage takes the advantages of the Breeder Series cages and puts them into a size which will allow four cages, with drainage trays, to a standard 48” wide x 18” deep x 72” high wire shelving unit.

Both a Drainage Tray and Substrate Tray are additionally available.  The Drainage Tray catches water from any sort of misting system or hydration protocol that falls to the bottom of the cage.  The Substrate Tray may be used by herp owners that require a substrate for their animals. The Substrate Tray fits inside the cage and provides 2.5” or 4” (depending on which tray) depth for moss, soil, and drainage.  The Medium Wide Breeder Cage sitting on top a Drainage Tray will fill out the following dimensions: 22.5”W x 17.5”D x 31.5”H.

Note that, because the Medium Wide Breeder Cages share the same footprint as the Large Breeder Cage, the Medium Wide Breeder Cages are compatible with the Large Breeder Drainage and Substrate Trays

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Weight 15 lbs
Dimensions 33 × 25 × 4 in

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