Medium Atrium Chameleon Cage System

Atrium Chameleon Cage with Veiled Chameleon

New Assembly Guide for the Medium Atrium!

Medium Atrium Chameleon Cage Application Note

The Dragon Strand Medium Atrium screen chameleon cage was specifically designed to have the dimensions that would allow it to be suitable for a chameleon for its whole life.  The square width x height makes it comfortable for an adult male panther or veiled chameleon, while keeping the entire cage accessible to a three-month old baby.
The Atrium screen cage is 28.5″ wide, 29.5″ high, and 18″ deep.  It comes with the standard Dragon Strand cage features including the following
  • No rust. The industry’s only 100% non-rusting cages
  • Service Door for cleaning the cage with minimal disturbance to the chameleon
  • Door handles on both main and service door
  • Vines holders on the top panel
  • Accessories included:
    • Drainage Tray. The Drainage Tray dimensions are 29.5″ Wide x 20″ Deep x 1.75″ High
    • Drip Easy* Screen Floor Drainage System. A screen panel option for a floor.
    • Dragon Ledges
Accessory list:
Drainage Tray: This tray is placed underneath the cage and allows all water to drain outside of the cage.  Please refer to this article to learn more about drainage and how to maintain your water system.  Chameleon Cage Setup: Drainage
Chameleon Cage Drainage Tray
Dragon Ledges: These anchors provide support for branches and potted plants along the screen wall with no stress on the screen.  Please refer to this Advanced Chameleon Cage Set-up to learn more about the Dragon Ledges. Each Dragon Ledges pack for the Atrium cage contains four ledges for the sides and one ledge for the back giving you the ability to create branch highways throughout the cage.
 Chameleon Cage setup: Dragon Ledges
Drip-Easy Screen Floor Drainage System:  Originally developed and brought to market by Ed Kammer through Kammerflage Kreations this feature adds an insert to replace the standard PVC floor with a screen panel.  Excess water flows directly into the drain tray avoiding any pooling on the floor. We are very happy to have been able to work with the Ed and the Kammerflage team to bring back the Drip-Easy functionality to this special cage system. (*Drip-Easy is a Kammerflage Kreations brand name and is used with permission)
 Chameleon Cage Drip Easy Drainage System
Atrium with DLedes and DE chameleon cage

The Medium Clearside Atrium Chameleon Cage gives you the same dimensions as the screen cage, but with the front, back, and right side clear PVC.  The left side panel is screen to maintain ventilation.  The Medium Clearside Atrium Chameleon Cage comes with five Dragon Ledges (two per side and one across the back) and the Drip Easy Drainage Tray (Drainage Tray + screen floor option).  The Clearside version is build to order so please allow for two weeks between order and shipping.

 Downloadable Assembly Instructions:

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