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Which Chameleon Should I Get?

If you are considering a first chameleon, and you are not doing it as an impulse buy, you are probably considering a Veiled Chameleon, a Panther Chameleon, or a Jackson’s Chameleo
chameleon laying eggs

Dragon Strand: Looking Forward to 2019

Looking Forward to 2019… A Brief Review of where we have been Dragon Strand was started because I, selfishly, wanted better caging options. Most specifically, I wanted an easy and
Chameleon portrait through Dragon Strand Clear Side enclosure panel

Looking back on a Dragon Strand 2018

A Dragon Strand look back on 2018 2018 has been a year of growth as we at Dragon Strand have been hard at work transitioning our chameleon cage building to the next level. My goal is to
chameleon cage filled with plants

Keeping Plants Alive in Your Chameleon Cage

Keeping Plants Alive in a Chameleon Cage Have you noticed that it is not necessarily easy to keep plants alive in your chameleon cage? There are two main reasons for this and today we w