Rack Compatible PVC Hybrid Cage System

Introduction to the Breeder Series Rack Compatible Caging System

Although this series can be used by any keeper whether they breed or not, the Breeder Series was specifically designed to solve the problems facing breeders. The Breeder Series is designed to fit on 48″ wide and 18″ deep standard wire baker’s racks. Dragon Strand offers cages in different sizes to serve each lifecycle stage of a chameleon. The Breeder Series provides a modular caging system based on baker’s racks that allow an organized and attractive breeding project.

Breeder Series Rack cages

Specific Lifestage Caging. The Breeder series has cage sizes that serve the needs of a breeding project. Modeled after the lifecycle of the Panther Chameleon, the following cages and their functions are listed.

Nursery Cage System for Babies 0-3 months. The Nursery Cage System┬ádivides the rack into eight equal cages for the purpose of individually raising baby chameleons. This produces babies that get bigger quicker, with no co-habitation stress, and no bite marks or nipped tails. This system was designed to give you all grade A chameleons to sell. The nursery cage System is sold in groups of four that sit on an included drainage tray that takes up half of the 48″ baker’s rack.

Compact Cage System for Juvenile to Sub-adults 3-7 months: The Compact Cage System is twice the width of the Nursery Cage System and is designed to be the hold back system. Often, breeders will hold back offspring to evaluate their suitability to be the next generation breeders. The Compact Cage System is four across the rack and provides enough space for panther chameleons to grow to where they will start showing color. In this manner you are able to decide which ones will be sold and which ones will graduate to adult caging.

Medium Wide Breeder for Young Adults and Female Panther Chameleon sized chameleon species. The Medium Wide Breeder gives a half-each width cage that is 30″ tall. This cage is suitable for young adult male panther, veiled, Jackson’s, or like size chameleons. It can be a permanent home for chameleons the size of a female panther chameleon and smaller.

Large Breeder gives a half-each width cage, but 45″ high. This cage can hold the breeding stock. It can hold a male or female panther chameleon breeder.

The Breeder Series gives breeders the following benefits:

Visual Isolation. Male and female chameleons may be kept in close proximity, but the solid white sides keep them from seeing each other. The opaque sides also make it easier for you to create a suitable hiding spot as the chameleon knows that they cannot be seen from the sides or back.

Mist Retention. With solid sides and back, the Breeder series allows you to mist without getting the walls or furniture wet.

Quick Cleaning. For a breeder taking care of multiple clutches of hatched babies time is of the essence. With the Nursery Cages complete with a service door and replacement floor panels, the soiled floor panels can be replaced with clean floor panels quickly. A 24 Nursery Cage System rack (one full 48″ rack) may be serviced in ten minutes.

Standard Applications: Baby and Juvenile Caging

nursery and compact cages

The Nursery Cage System (left in image) can fill a standard 48″ wide, 60″ tall baker’s rack with 6 sets which equates to 24 individual cages. The Compact Cage System (right in image) can fill a standard baker’s rack with two rows of four systems equating to eight cages.

Standard Applications: Subadult to Adult Caging

Medium Wide and Large Breeders

The Medium Wide Breeder Cages (left side of image) can fill a standard 48″ wide, 60″ tall baker’s rack with 4 individual cages. The Large Breeder Cages (right side of image) can fill a standard baker’s rack with one row of two cages.

Standard Applications: Mixed Caging

Mixed Breeder Caging

The Breeder Series cages are modular and each takes up half the width of a 48″ baker’s rack. Thus any combination may be realized (assuming proper rack height is available).

Breeder Series Ordering

Atrium Series done in Breeder Style

If you desire the benefits of the PVC sides cages, but do not need them to be rack compatible then consider some of our largest cages done in this style.

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