Cage Variations

Over the years, Dragon Strand has worked with many different shapes of cages in many configurations. Websites and forums have linked to these configurations since our start in 2013. If you have reached this page it is probably from following one of these links from a keeper’s webpage or forum post talking about the cage they got and enjoy.

We have consolidated our product offering into two bundles that include all the accessories. There is a Hybrid version and a Screen version that you can review below!

The Tall Cage System Family

Tall Screen Cage System

The new Tall Cage System (23.75″ x 23″ x 48″) comes in two styles – a Screen version and a Hybrid version. These are the first members from the newly designed screen cage line from Dragon Strand to be released. The major components to these cages have been upgraded to provide us keepers of arboreal reptiles with a higher quality experience and to aid us in creating the proper environments. Both come standard with a white PVC floor panel.

The Screen version is made for applications where high ventilation is desired. This screen cage is unique as the back is solid to protect house walls from mist overspray, but with all other panels being screen, ventilation is retained.

The Hybrid version is for keepers who want more control over the hydration and humidity in their caging environment. With both sides and the back solid PVC humidity gradients may be created and a more rigorous mist coverage can be handled to accomodate a denser planting strategy. The front main door of the Tall Hybrid is acrylic for clear viewing, humidity retention and to produce a chimney effect. The chimney effect is where the warm air near the top screen panel rises and pulls air through the service door under the main door. The ensures a subtle, but constant air circulation through the cage.

All Dragon Strand cages, including the Tall Cage family members, have been upgraded to have the following:

Solid white PVC back. As most cages are up against a wall, this protects the house walls from mist overspray and reflects light back into the cage. The Hybrid system extends the PVC to both sides.

Patented Dragon Ledges. Dragon Ledges are anchors that allow you to easily mount horizontal branches and potted plants. They are standard with all Dragon Strand cages. The Tall Cage Systems come with two for each side and two for the back.

Hydration Mount. This included mount allows the installation of Mist-King and Cli-Mist nozzles and also a grommeted input for 1/4″ tubing. This tubing input can be used for installing a plant watering drip system. Both the Tall Screen and Tall Hybrid Cage versions come with two Hydration Mounts.

Drainage Tray with Screen Floor. Each cage includes a drainage tray which is placed under the cage. The cage rests on the tray and the water from the cage flows into the tray. The major benefit is that waste water is physically separated from the inside of the cage where the poop, water, and escaped feeders can combine to create an unhygienic bacteria pill for the chameleon. A screen floor is also included which allows you the option to switch out the solid one. If you have plants on the floor then the solid one is good to use for support. If you use the Dragon Ledges to create a floating garden style in the air with the bottom clear, then use the screen floor for 100% drainage of the water. The drainage tray extends beyond the cage front so you can suck out the water using a wet/dry vacuum and crevice tool.

Tall Hybrid Cage System

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Tall Screen Cage System

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