Caging Systems


Up until the start of the Dragon Strand Chameleon Caging Company, our choices for chameleon caging were quite limited. We had mostly screen cages available with the occasional glass cage in a size appropriate for chameleon keepers. There were two extremes in caging from full ventilation (screen) to almost no ventilation (glass vivarium). With the Dragon Strand I have been able to create a full range of hybrid cages that fill in the middle area, giving us options we did not have before. In this section I will introduce you to the materials we use and the decision points that dictate when each is appropriate.


Aluminum Screen

chameleon screen care with free flow top


  • No Rust
  • Maximum Ventilation
  • Can be used Outdoors

White PVC

brom cage


  • Visual Isolation
  • Keeps Mist Inside Cage
  • Build Humidity Pockets

Clear PVC

Naturalistic Chameleon Cages


  • Unobstructed viewing
  • Keeps Mist Inside Cage
  • Build Humidity Pockets
  • Lightweight
  • No Shattering if dropped

Cage Series Selection

Screen Cages: Screen cages are the most commonly used type of cage for chameleons. They have the benefit of being offering the highest level of ventilation which is  an advantage when your ambient room conditions are suitable for the chameleon species you are keeping. If you need to increase temperature or, more likely, humidity, then the sides can be blocked by tarp or shower curtains.  If you are interested int he Dragon Strand Screen Cage Line up then click here.

Breeder Series Hybrid Cages: The Breeder Series was designed to give the advantages of mist retention and structure to a breeding project. The cages are designed to be rack compatible with quick cleaning. The opaque walls provide visual isolation for chameleons whose cages are placed next to each other.

Clearside Series Hybrid Cages: The Clearside Series was designed to give us chameleon keepers the benefits of glass terrariums without the drawbacks. The cages in the series generally have three of four sides in clear PVC. We use a form of clear PVC that is light and flexible. It is then pulled taut over a frame just like a screen panel. Please familiarize yourself with this material as it is uniquely used by Dragon Strand and it completely new to most keepers.

The clear front allows unimpeded view of your cage environment and chameleon. It also serves to retain misting inside the cage to avoid damage to outside walls and furniture. If this is of interest, please check out the Clearside page.

A simple guide is:

Use Case Material
Pet Chameleon + Dry Environment Clearside
Pet Chameleon + in living areas Clearside
Breeding set-up Breeder
Full Naturalistic/Bio-Active Breeder
Outdoors Screen
Pet Chameleon + Ambient Conditions are mostly correct Screen

Quick Help: Are you Keeping a Chameleon as a Pet?

Good: Large Keeper Screen Cage

“Basic cage with Dragon Ledges and Hydration Mount included”

Better: Medium Tall Clearside Atrium System

“Wide format cage system with Dragon Ledges, Drainage Tray, and Hydration Mount”

Best: Large Clearside Atrium

“Largest commercially available chameleon cage”

If you are keeping a single pet chameleon or even a few chameleons then you are looking for a cage big enough to allow you to create the environment necessary for a happy chameleon. For the standard sized chameleons (Veiled, Panther, and Jackson’s), the Large Keeper Screen Cage would be the minimum size that would hold an adult of these species. But bigger is better when it comes to housing chameleons and so we will explore caging from the Large Keeper Size on up.

Good: Large Keeper Screen Cage Kit

This cage comes with a set of five Dragon Ledges and a Hydration Mount. The cage itself is 23.75″ wide x 23″ deep x 48″ high. The Dragon Ledges are anchors that allow you to mount horizontal branches and potted plants along the sides of the cage. You get five included with this cage package. The hydration mount allows you to mount the industry standard misting nozzles from Mist King and Cli-Mist on the cage.

This is a good, general purpose cage for chameleon keeping. There are optional drainage tray and substrate tray accessories which can be purchased on the Large Keeper Screen Cage Kit product page.

Better: Medium Tall Clearside Atrium System

This is the most complete bundle offered by Dragon Strand

This cage is a great balance between offering ample cage size in a wide format and an easily manageable footprint. This product is a system which includes the cage, five Dragon Ledges, a Drip Easy Drainage Tray, and two Hydration Mounts. This system was designed to give all options to you so no decision making must be made. You have the wide format cage that gives extra room for your chameleon in the Clearside format which makes it easier to see your chameleon and keeps the misting inside the cage. The Drip Easy Drainage Tray gives you the drainage solution that keeps the excess water away from your cage and the Hydration Mount allows you to mount two industry standard misting nozzles to the cage.

Best: Large Clearside Atrium

At 45″ wide x 22″ deep x 45″ tall this is the largest wide format chameleon cage available. It was designed to be the best home for Panther, Veiled, or Jackson’s Chameleons living indoors. The wide format with eight Dragon Ledges gives you ample space to create that chameleon environment. An optional Drainage Tray and 6″ Substrate Tray are available. This cage is built in the Clearside style which gives you more control over the humidity and keeps the mist inside the cage! This cage also comes with two Hydration Mounts which allow you to attach industry standard misting nozzles to the cage.

Quick Help: Do you have a Breeding Project?

The Dragon Strand Breeder Series Hybrid Cages were designed specifically for the those who are engaged in breeding chameleons with many features breeders will find useful. The cages are built with the sides and back and of white PVC with the front and top screen. They have the following features

  1. Rack Compatible: The Breeder series fits onto commonly found 48″ wide x 18″ wire baker’s racks. This gives a uniform appearance to your chameleon room.
  2. Keeps Mist Inside: The three solid walls allow you to mist as much as your chameleon needs without worrying about the mist getting your walls or wood furniture wet.
  3. Visual Isolation: By using opaque materials for the walls the Breeder series allows breeding groups to be in close proximity of each other without the stress of knowing they are close to another chameleon.
  4. Sizes for all Life Stages: Breeder series cages come in all sizes, from hatchling sizes, to grow-out sizes, to young adult, and finally full adult sizes.
Breeder Series Rack cages