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Tall Screen Cage System

We offer a wide selection of Chameleon Cages for babies to adults – so you can find the right chameleon cage for you.

The Dragon Strand team has been keeping chameleons for four decades. We have tried, built, and used all of the chameleon cages that have come and gone in that time. That experience has gone into the design of our own line of chameleon cages.  They are designed specifically for you – whether you have one chameleon or a breeding group.  Here we will guide you in choosing a chameleon cage.

Feb 4, 2020: We are currently redesigning our entire cage line for 2020. We will be carrying the three types of cages – screen, white hybrid, and clear hybrid cages as before. The Tall Screen Cage System has been released and is in inventory. The other sizes and types will be released every couple weeks until the product line is complete.

Our first newly redesigned and released cage is the Tall Screen Cage System. This is the most popular model at 23.75″ wide x 23″ deep x 48″ high. This cage is offered as a system with all the accessories that go along with the cage to make it fully functional. These include:

  1. Six Dragon Ledges to allow you mount branches and potted plants along the sides of the cage
  2. One Hydration Mount to install an industry standard misting nozzle (from Mist King/Cli-mist)
  3. Fitted Drainage Tray which catches water and keeps it away from the chameleon
  4. both a solid and screen floor so you can have support or drainage
  5. Screen cage with a solid back to protect your walls from mist overspray

The Tall Screen Cage System is appropriate for adult Veiled Chameleons, Panther Chameleons, Jackson’s Chameleons, or like sized other species.

We will be fleshing out our cage line in the February /March time frame with the rest of the screen cages and breeder style cages. In the April/May time frame we will have the the Clearside models coming back on line.

The Tall Screen Cage System is our most popular format and, thus, was completed and made available first. You can learn more about this cage here:

If you would like to learn more about how to set up a chameleon cage then you may click the build guide below for a step by step tutorial on how to set up the Tall Screen  chameleon cage.

Tall Screen Cage build Guide

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