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This bi-weekly newsletter will keep interested customers up to date with our build schedule. As most of you know, we are a small business and have build cycles which rotate through our product line. This cycle can take us up to four months to complete. If you place an order immediately after a build you think we have incredible customer service! If you place an order right after the last one sells and have to wait months on end you wonder how I stay in business. This newsletter will provide a solution to this dilemma.

Every two weeks I will send out this newsletter which will have the current build schedule. My schedule estimates get much more accurate two weeks before the build starts. About two weeks before the build starts I will send this newsletter which will announce that this is the time to place you orders so we can make sure to build enough to cover the orders. More importantly, you are not waiting long periods of time with your money tied up! For those of you that want to place the order, be guaranteed a place in the next order, and have the flexibility to roll with the schedule, then that is fine as well. You will drive the order that cages are built in!

I, like you, HATE constant junk mail from companies. I will make these as painless and maybe even interesting to open so it is worth your time to follow the progress until you have the cage you want ordered. I will include news, and caging hints & tricks. You are welcome to unsubscribe at any time. But if you do sign up then please add bill@dragonstrand.com to your address list so you don’t have to fish me out of the “promotions” folder that you never see. And, of course, if you are enjoying the chameleon content then you are welcome to stay subscribed long after you get your cage!

If this sounds good to you then here are the next steps:

Step 1) Fill out the form below

Step 2) Find the confirmation email at the address you entered in. This may be hidden in the junk or promotions folder.

Step 3) Follow the instructions on the email to confirm subscription. Your email server likes to protect you from marketing mail so if you want this in your main feed you’ll have to select the “add to address list”. Otherwise, chances are high you’ll never see my emails!

And that is it!

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