Dragon Strand Caging Systems

Which Chameleon Should I Get?

If you are considering a first chameleon, and you are not doing it as an impulse buy, you are probably considering a Veiled Chameleon, a Panther Chameleon, or a Jackson’s Chameleon. I put this video together to help with the decision making process If you are looking for positive chameleon experience and just want the the easiest one then this video will explain the differences between the m
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Dragon Strand: Looking Forward to 2019

chameleon laying eggs
Looking Forward to 2019… A Brief Review of where we have been Dragon Strand was started because I, selfishly, wanted better caging options. Most specifically, I wanted an easy and organized way to raise up a clutch of baby chameleons in their own cage. Thus was born the Dragon Strand Nursery Cage System which remains one of the most popular cages today. But once I got started, I realized I w
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