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Q&A: What is the Minimum Cage Size for a Female Panther Chameleon?

Female Panther Chameleon
Q: What is the minimum size cage for a female panther chameleon?   A: The Bigger the Better The simple answer to this question is truly the old saying “bigger is better”. The person asking the question is usually sincere and wanting to give their chameleon a good home, but not waste money. It boils down to the smaller the cage, the more difficult it is to create all the microclimates and grad
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A Simple Gravity Drain For Dragon Strand Drainage Trays

What is a Gravity Drain? The standard methods of draining your drainage tray include evaporation and using a wet/dry vac to suck out the water. But what if you would like to have it just drain into a bucket below the cage and then just empty the bucket every week or two? This is actually quite simple to do with standard 1/4″ drip irrigation parts.  Although, it does take some careful drillin
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Getting the Most From Your Dragon Strand Dragon Ledges

floating garden cage with Dragon Ledges
Introduction to Dragon Strand The Dragon Strand Chameleon Caging Company was started to solve the problems we chameleon keepers have in keeping chameleons. One perennial problem was how to build up inside a cage with screen walls that can offer no support. There were, and still are, all sorts of hacks that place stress on the screen or else look less than natural. The patented Dragon Ledges are th
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Q&A: Chameleons Climbing the Walls

Q. My chameleon constantly climbs the screens walls and I am worried about his nails getting pulled out. How can I ensure his safety? A: Your first question to answer is why he is climbing the walls of his cage. Chameleons generally will find horizontal perching spots and be content to move from a basking spot to a eating spot to a hidden spot. They do not pace their cage to get energy out. The tw
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Drainage Solutions for Chameleon Cages

Chameleon Cage Drainage Tray
Introduction to Chameleon Cage Drainage Trays An important consideration in every chameleon cage is your drainage strategy. You will want the water from your misting or drip system to flow out of the cage once it has done its job of hydrating your chameleon or watering your plants. Standing water at the bottom of your cage creates an unhygienic mix of poop, feeder, and water. It is, what I call, &
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