Dragon Strand Caging Systems
Chameleon Cage Drainage Tray

Drainage Solutions for Chameleon Cages

Introduction to Chameleon Cage Drainage Trays An important consideration in every chameleon cage is your drainage strategy. You will want the water from your misting or drip system to flow out of the cage once it has done its job of hydrating your chameleon or watering your plants. St
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Chameleon portrait through Dragon Strand Clear Side enclosure panel

Q&A: Concerns about solid, clear sides

Q: I hear about people using glass aquariums, but I keep reading how they will stress my chameleon by showing reflections and cause respiratory infections by the low ventilation. How does your Clearside material work?   A: The material used by Dragon Strand to create the Clearsid
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Great Stuff foam for chameleon cages

Working with “Great Stuff” Expandable Foam

What is Expandable Foam and “Great Stuff”? Expandable foam is a hardware“Great Stuff” is a certain brand of expanding foam. This foam was designed to be used in home repairs to seal cracks. Reptile keepers have discovered that it works great to create vivarium landscapes. When using D
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chameleon screen care with free flow top

Natural Feeders in the Dragon Strand Large Keeper Kit

Introduction: One of the advantages of purchasing a Dragon Strand cage is that it is rust proof and the screen cages can be used outdoors. The cages are designed to keep both chameleons and their feeders in the cage, but if you are using the cages outdoors it is a shame to keep natura
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chameleon cage with foam used in background

Building up a Medium Atrium Chameleon Enclosure

Our goal as chameleon keepers is to create as natural of an environment within our unnatural houses as possible for our chameleons. This includes live plants, branches, and naturalistic hydration. In this guide I describe one way to incorporate these elements into a beautiful cage set
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