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What Makes Dragon Strand Special:

Adult Chameleon Display Cages

Display Cages Optimized for Chameleons

Dragon Strand offers both screen and clear sided cages with the features we as chameleon keepers want to make our experience easier, better for our chameleon, and beautiful.

Breeder Set-ups

Breeder Cages

Dragon Strand Breeder series cages are optimized for the breeder that needs to be efficient with space, time, and have chameleons in close proximity. The Breeder series is rack compatible, provides visual isolation, and keeps your misting inside the cage. The Breeder series is an investment designed to last for years.

Baby Chameleon Cages

Baby Chameleon Systems

Dragon Strand Nursery and Compact Caging Systems are specifically designed for the chameleon breeder to raise chameleons individually and grow a select number out for evaluation for next generation breeding stock.

Patented Dragon Ledges

Patented Dragon Ledges

Dragon Strand’s patented Dragon Ledges are standard accessories on most cages. Dragon Ledges allow the mounting of plants and horizontal branches with no stress on the screen wall.

Rust Free Cages

Rust Proof Cages

Dragon Strand cages are the only commercially produced cages that are made entirely of rust proof materials.

Drainage Trays For Every Cage

Drainage Trays for every cage

Dragon Strand is the only US manufacturer that has husbandry critical drainage trays available for every cage design we produce (and some we do not).