2 X Universal 25″ Drainage Tray with 24″ Dragon Ledges Bundle


This product consists of two 25″ Drainage Trays and two sets of 24″ Dragon Ledges bundled together.

This bundle has been specifically designed for owners of the Reptibreeze 48″ tall X-Large Screen cage and the DIY Cages 48″ tall cage.

This drainage tray has been designed to be compatible with all manufacturer’s 24″x24″ square cage sizes.

Outside Dimensions: 25.25″ Wide x 25.25″ Deep x 1″ High

Inside dimensions: 25″ Wide x 25″ Deep

(Width is the front dimension from side to side and Depth is the side dimension from front to back)

Make sure your counter space is big enough for the outside dimensions and your cage fits within the inside dimensions.

This design has center supports to allow heavy potted plants to be placed in the cage without fear of the cage bottom falling through.

The front edge is lowered to allowed use of the lower flip door on the cages while the sides and back are slightly higher to ensure the cage can not easily be pushed off the tray.

The Universal 25″ Drainage Tray provides a drainage solution for ReptiBreeze, DIY Cages, LLL Reptile, Jungle Hobbies and, of course, Dragon Strand cages.  Most manufacturers do not offer a drainage tray.  A drainage tray sits under and outside the cage.  A substrate tray sits inside the cage.  Chameleon keepers know that a substrate tray inside the cage is wholly inadequate to act as a water catcher.  The soup of water, feeders and chameleon poop is the height of unsanitary conditions and poor husbandry. For the sake of your chameleon and your nose, avoid poop soup and use a proper drainage tray!

Warning: For indoor use only! Black PVC absorbs sunlight and will warp if left out in the sun or exposed to high heat. Do not sun dry after cleaning.

Note: With this product you leave in the floor that comes with your cage. We do recommend drilling small holes numerous places along the floor of your cage so that the water has an easy way to drain into the drainage tray.  Do NOT drill holes in your drainage tray.  (Just making sure that is clear.) This article on Drainage should help with any questions.

IMPORTANT NOTE: One of the back braces in the 24″ Dragon Strand pack is slightly shorter to fit the ReptiBreeze and DIY cage back panel. Please use the shorter back brace for the back panel. Please fit each brace on the cage to make sure that the screw holes align over the frame before you screw in the screws.

Dragon Ledges Assembly Instructions

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The Dragon Strand Universal 25″  Drainage Tray has been designed to be compatible with square cage sizes in the 24″ x 24″ footprint size.  A proper drainage tray sits under the cage collecting the excess water outside the cage.  A water catch outside the cage avoids the unsanitary soup of excess misting water, drowned feeders, and chameleon waste.  Sound disgusting? It is.  This drainage tray will collect that water outside the cage.

Middle Support. For the keepers that like to have potted plants on the floor of their cage, this drainage tray has a middle support in the tray to support large potted plants.

Compatibility.  This drainage tray is specially designed to accommodate square shaped cages with 24″ x 24″ footprint dimensions from any manufacturer.  This drainage tray gives owners of ReptiBreeze, DIY Cages, LLL Reptile and Jungle Hobbies a drainage tray solution.

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Weight 18 lbs
Dimensions 27 × 27 × 8 in


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