Dragon Ledges for Medium Atrium cage

Dragon Ledges for Medium Atrium cage

Dragon Ledge

Dragon Ledges for Medium Atrium cage


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This Dragon Ledge set consists of on back ledge and four side ledges that fit the Dragon Strand Medium Atrium Cage. The Medium Atrium comes with a set of Dragon Ledges. This set is for special applications that demand more Dragon Ledges.

The patented Dragon Ledges are a retrofit kit that, for the first time, allow branches, vines, and potted plants to be installed in a screen cage with no stress to the screen. The Dragon Ledges may be installed at any point on the side panels and back panel of standard industry cages. They transfer the load directly to the frame allowing even a couple of bricks to be hung from branches within the cage.

This is time for a new approach to creating cages for chameleons and other arboreal reptiles needing screen cages. We are now able to use substantial branches and potted trailing vines to put together the perfect environment for our reptilian friends.

Dragon Strand offers Dragon Ledges in a number of sizes to fit many manufacturer’s cages. Please consult the chart below to ensure you get the one that is correct for your cage.

Dragon Ledge Sizing Chart

Note: Installation of Dragon Ledges requires screwing back supports into the frame of your cage.  This action will void any cage warranty by any of the cage manufacturers and Dragon Strand cannot be held responsible for slips during installation that damage the cage.


This DSDL24XXX5-B Dragon Ledge package contains five ledges and is suitable for the following cages:

ReptiBreeze Extra-Large Cage (24″ x 24″ Footprint)

DIY Cages SC-4 Extra-Large Cage, SC-Cube, SC-4S (24″ x 24″ Footprint)


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See the installation tutorial video here

[youtube height=”HEIGHT” width=”WIDTH”]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZSElJOUdi00[/youtube]



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Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 32 × 5 × 5 in


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