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Dragon Strand Nursery Cage System


US Patent No. D702,403 S

The Dragon Strand Nursery Caging System was designed to raise each baby you produce in the best possible health. Each of your babies will grow up without the stresses and damage from unnatural communal living. Professional breeders are able to offer healthier, stronger, and larger chameleons. Multi-generational breeders are able to ensure that each baby grows to its full potential. With a faster growth rate, both professionals and multi-generational breeders are able to sex their juveniles earlier providing a better customer experience and a more efficient distribution to fellow breeders.  One Nursery Caging System includes four individual cages and a drainage tray.

Warning: The drainage tray is for indoor use only! Black PVC absorbs sunlight and will warp if left out in the sun or exposed to high heat. Do not sun dry after cleaning.


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For serious breeders, there is no debate that raising your babies up individually is the best method of ensuring your babies grow up to their full potential.  Individual raising eliminates the detrimental effects of bullying and competition from older or more aggressive siblings.  Each baby has its own food, water, basking area, and resting spots.

The Dragon Strand Nursery Cage System gives you this opportunity to create a professional level breeding program whether you are a commercial breeder or a serious hobbyist.

Chameleon Breeding set up

Space Efficiency.   The Dragon Strand Nursery Cage System was designed to fit on a standard 48” wide, 18” deep wire shelving rack easily found at club stores, home improvement stores, or on the internet.  It was also designed to fit eight babies under one 48” fluorescent fixture.  A standard six foot tall, 48” wire shelving rack can hold three rows of Nursery Cage Systems.  This translates out to individually housing 24 babies in four feet of wall space under three 48” fixtures.

Chameleon Nursery Cage System Cleaning

Time Efficiency.  Cleaning multiple cages increases the challenge of keeping a clean environment.  We all know, though, that a fanatical dedication to cleanliness in our breeding groups is critical to long term success and cannot be compromised.  In the Dragon Strand Nursery Cage System each one of the individual cages has its own trap door and removable PVC floor.  With an interior set-up allowing floor removal, the daily spot clean can take under ten minutes for a rack of 24 cages.

Baby Deremensis Chameleon

Ultimate monitoring of health.  With each baby separate you are able to individually monitor their health.  You will know how much they eat, how healthy they look, how often they defecate, and how healthy the waste appears.  This system will allow you to raise your babies up past the critical beginning months in the top health that their genetics will allow.  You will be able to offer the highest grade animals to your customers or continued breeding program.

Nursery Cage System for baby chameleons

The Dragon Strand Nursery Cage System comes in groups of four cages with a drainage tray.  You can fit two systems under one 48” fluorescent fixture and six systems on a standard 48” Wide x 18” Deep x 72” High wire shelving rack.  Common misting systems are able to be customer installed.

The dimensions of each individual cage are 5.5” W x 16”D x 15.75”H

The dimensions of four cages installed on the drainage tray are 22.5”W x 17.25”D x 17.125”H


Nursery Cage System with Kammerflage Kreations

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