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Medium Atrium Screen Cage with Drip Easy Drainage Tray and Dragon Ledges


This Bundle contains the Medium Atrium Screen Cage, Dragon Ledges and the Drip Easy Drainage System.
The Medium Atrium cage was specifically designed to provide the horizontal room needed for the comfort of chameleons all the way up to a male Veiled and Panther Chameleons. This cage is screen all around giving you maximum ventilation.
This bundle comes with Dragon Ledges and the Drip Easy Drainage System.  The Drip Easy was pioneered by Ed Kammer of Kammerflage Kreations and we are excited to be able to work with them to offer this functionality.
The Drip Easy Drainage solution replaces the standard solid PVC bottom panel with a screen panel allowing water to go directly into the included Drainage Tray. The Drainage Tray dimensions are 29.5″ Wide x 20″ Deep x 1.75″ High
Dragon Ledges allow the mounting of large branches and potted plants with no stress on the screen sides.  You can now create lavish interiors for your chameleons to enjoy!  The Dragon Ledges come uninstalled so that you may place them where you decide is best for your creation.
The Dragon Strand Medium Atrium Screen Enclosure is 28.5″ wide, 29.5″ high, and 18″ deep.  It comes with the standard Keeper cage features including the following
  • No rusting parts.
  • Service Door for cleaning the cage with minimal disturbance to the chameleon
  • Door handles on both main and service door
  • Vines holders on the top panel
Purchasing the cage from this page will get you theMedium Atrium Cage, Dragon Ledges and the Drip Easy Drainage System.
Warning: The drainage tray is for indoor use only! Black PVC absorbs sunlight and will warp if left out in the sun or exposed to high heat. Do not sun dry after cleaning.

 Downloadable Assembly Instructions:
New Assembly Guide!
Medium Atrium Chameleon Cage Application Note

Important Note: We do a build roughly every other month of these cages. Please check for the schedule. Once you place an order you are guaranteed to be included in the next build. If you would like to monitor progress, please sign up for the bi-weekly newsletter.

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Weight 19 lbs
Dimensions 31 × 31 × 7 in

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