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Dragon Strand Screen Cages

Screen cages are used to create an environment where maximum ventilation is appropriate. Chameleons are often kept in screen cages in  homes where the ambient conditions are close to what the chameleon requires. Dragon Strand creates high quality screen cages which are specifically designed to be able to be used indoors or outdoors.

Dragon Strand Screen Cage Features:

No Rusting Parts

It is frustrating to see cages advertised as all aluminum and then you find out the screws or even the hinge pins are ferrous and rust. Take a magnet to the cage. If it sticks anywhere you found a rusting part. Dragon Strand cages are specifically designed for outdoor use and are tested over years outdoors. No component on Dragon Strand cages will rust – not even the hinge pins.

In fact, we have tutorials on how you can create planter box cages and reap the benefits of outdoor keeping with your Dragon Strand Screen Cages.

chameleon screen care with free flow top

Drainage Trays

Dragon Strand is the only company to offer drainage trays for their cages. Drainage trays are critical tools as they keep the water away from the waste at the bottom of the cage and the escaped feeders. The combination of water, poop, and escaped feeders is what produces bad smells and a highly unhygienic combination that can be a health hazard to your chameleon. 

A substrate tray goes inside the cage and is what is usually offered. This keeps the water with the poop and escaped feeders and is the opposite of what we want. Unless you are putting in a soil floor or other substrate, you do not want to use a substrate tray.

Drainage trays sit under your cage and keep the water away from your chameleon. You place the entire cage on top of the drainage tray. The water in the tray evaporates or is sucked out with a wet/dry vacuum.

Dragon Strand drainage trays are designed to fit your exact cage and be acceptable in a living room situation.

Chameleon Cage Drainage Tray

A drainage tray goes under the cage. The floor panel in the cage is not water tight and so water will seal around the edges. Though drainage holes may be drilled into the floor to aid in faster drainage.

Dragon Ledges

Each Dragon Strand screen cage comes standard with Dragon Ledges which are a patented Dragon Strand specialty. Dragon Ledges are anchors which are permanently attached to your cage and solve the age old problem of how to mount horizontal branches and potted plants to the side of a screen cage wall. By transferring the weight to the frame, up to ten pounds of weight spread over two horizontal Dragon Ledges can be mounted.

Medium Tall Atrium with Plants

Dragon Ledges allow you to create a floating garden style cage interior which keeps your floors clear and the branches and leaves where you chameleon can make the most use of them.


Because I am a chameleon keeper myself I am testing these cages every single day and constantly make improvements. Many things are not obvious such as thicker framing for strength and things as simple as door handles. Using these cages every day ensures that when you buy a cage you will have a cage that will last for many years.

Product Line Up

Dragon Strand offers both standard vertically orientated cages as well as three wide format Atrium series cages. The standard vertical format is good for general use. The Atrium series is part of our mission to bring horizontally orientated cages into mainstream usage. They are more expensive, but much better for the chameleon!

The vertical offerings are

Medium Tall Keeper: A 17.75″ x 17″ x 36″ high cage that is the minimum size suitable for a female panther chameleon and a great size for smaller chameleons such as carpet or dwarf chameleons. Although we recommend putting babies into the adult size cage from the beginning, if you prefer to start them off in a smaller cage, this would be the one to do it in. The Medium Tall Keeper comes standard with four Dragon Ledges which can be placed anywhere along the sides desired.

Large Keeper Kit: This is the most commonly used cage for chameleons at 23.75″ x 23″ x 48″ high. This cage can house the most common chameleons including Veiled, Panther, and Jackson’s Chameleons. This cage kit includes five Dragon Ledges and a hydration mount that fits industry standard nozzles or 1/4″ tubing inlet.

The Atrium Series is a wide format cage design and is designed to give chameleons more horizontal space to move in.

Medium Screen Atrium: At 28.5″ x 18″ x 29.5″ this is the minimum size that an adult panther chameleon may be kept in. The cage must be placed high up to give the chameleon a sense of security. This product is a bundle which combines the Medium Atrium Screen cage, five Dragon Ledges, and a Drip Easy Drainage Tray.

Medium Tall Screen Atrium: This cage is the ideal general purpose cage. Its dimensions are 30″ wide x 23″ deep x 48″ tall. It has the height of the standard 48″ cages, but adds a full extra chameleon body length the width. This is my favorite cage design and we have made it a bundle that includes the cage, five Dragon Ledges, a Drip Easy Drainage Tray, and two Hydration Mounts which allow you to mount standard mist heads and introduce a plant drip system to you cage.

Large Screen Atrium. This is the ultimate commercially produced cage at 45″ wide x 22″ deep x 44″ high. This gives the height and adds enough width to create different environmental zones within your cage. If we had our way every chameleon would be kept in Large Atrium cages. It was designed to be the perfect panther chameleon cage with he ability to handle chameleons up to about 500 grams. If you have the space, then this is the cage for you. A drainage tray and substrate tray is available as an option.

Keeper Series Vertical Cages

Atrium Series Wide Format Cages

Ordering Information

Medium Tall Keeper Screen Cage = 17.75”W x 17”D x 36”H

A suitable screen cage for a single female panther chameleon or other mid-size chameleons such as carpet chameleons, or South African Dwarf Chameleons.

Medium Tall Keeper Cage Ordering Information: The Medium Tall Keeper Screen Cage comes with four Dragon Ledges and has an optional drainage tray and two substrate trays. The standard substrate tray offers 2.5″ of substrate depth while the deep trays offers 4″ of substrate depth.

Large Keeper Screen Cage Kit = 23.75”W x 23”D x 48”H

A suitable general purpose screen cage for the most common chameleons such as Veiled, Panther, or Jackson’s Chameleons.

Large Keeper Screen Cage Kit Ordering Information: The Large Keeper Screen Cage Kit comes with five Dragon Ledges and a hydration mount. This cage has an optional substrate tray and two drainage trays. The standard drainage tray provides the the water collection service. The Drip Easy Drainage Tray adds in a screen panel which replaces the standard white PVC floor and will provide maximum drainage.

Medium Screen Atrium = 28.75”W x 18”D x 29.5”H

A suitable general purpose wide screen cage for the most common chameleons such as Veiled, Panther, or Jackson’s Chameleons. The wide format allows for a shorter cage, but this cage will need to be placed at a high location in the house so that the chameleon is at or above head level.

Medium Screen Atrium Ordering Information: The Medium Screen Atrium is a bundle that includes, standard, the cage, five Dragon Ledges, and a Drip Easy Drainage Tray.  

Medium Tall Screen Atrium = 30”W x 23”D x 48”H

This cage is a superior alternative to the common 4′ high cages. With extra width it gives your chameleon more room to move, but, more importantly, it gives you more space with which to create the required gradients for chameleon health. 

Medium Tall Screen Atrium Ordering Information: The Medium Tall Screen Atrium is a bundle that includes, standard, the cage, five Dragon Ledges, a Drip Easy Drainage Tray, and two Hydration Mounts.  

Large Screen Atrium = 45”W x 22”D x 44”H

The Large Atrium is the ultimate commercially produced screen cage. The wide format gives you great freedom with which to design a beautiful chameleon enclosure. 

Large Screen Atrium Ordering Information: The Large Screen Atrium is a bundle that includes, standard, the cage, eight Dragon Ledges, and two Hydration Mounts.  An optional Drip Easy Drainage Tray and substrate tray are available.