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Keeper Series Screen Cages

Screen Cages for Chameleons and Other Arboreal Reptiles and Amphibians


Would you like help selecting the proper screen cage size for a chameleon?  Click below!

Chameleon Cage Selection Guide


The Dragon Strand Keeper Series Screen Cages

The Dragon Strand Keeper Series Screen Cages includes cage sizes which can house your chameleons from birth all the way up to adulthood.

  •  No Rust!  These screen cages are made in the USA with high quality aluminum frames and screen so rust is not a worry. Chinese imports come in with steel screen coated or painted.  The coating will eventually rub off and you will get rust.  Not with Dragon Strand screen cages.  In fact, we offer a lifetime no-rust screen guarantee.  If your Dragon Strand cage screen rusts, we will replace it.
  • Easy Clean.  These cages come with a flip-up service door and a removable PVC floor which makes spot cleaning an easy affair.  Slide the floor out, clean, and side back in.  All done with minimal bother to the inhabitant.
  •  Ventilation.  Screen cages are great for arboreal herps that need ventilation.  Screen sides ensure that air does not become stagnant and that heat is dissipated.
  •  360 viewing.  The Keeper Series is named that because it is great for people keeping chameleons as pets.  In an all-screen cage you are able to enjoy your chameleon from anywhere in the room.
  • All Stages of Life. There is a screen cage for every age of your herp.  From the Juvenile Keeper to the Large Keeper you’ll find a cage size that fits your pet.
  • Both Drainage Trays and Substrate Trays are also available for each of the Keeper Series Screen Cages.  Reference this post on Drainage to help you with this part of the chameleon cage setup.  A substrate tray is a tray that fits inside the cage and provides an area for coco peat, sphagnum moss, or any other substrate that is appropriate for the animal you are keeping.  For depth necessary for an egg laying female to dig a hole and lay eggs please use the Dragon Strand Laying Box which is compatible with the Medium Tall Keeper Cage.

Screen Cage Selection Guide:

Medium Tall Keeper Screen Cage = 17.75”W x 17”D x 36”H

A perfect screen cage for female panther chameleons.  The Dragon Strand Laying Box is compatible with this size cage.  Just place the cage on top the laying box and your female has constant access to an egg laying site.  The Medium Tall Keeper Cage will provide a good home for mid-size chameleons.

Medium Tall Keeper Cage Ordering Information: The Medium Tall Keeper Screen Cage has the option of a Medium Drainage Tray and a Substrate Tray.  Both of these can work together.  This cage is also compatible with the Dragon Strand Laying Box.  If using the Laying Box, there is no need to also order a drainage or substrate tray unless your plan includes using one Laying Box for multiple Medium Tall cages such as in a breeding facility. 


Large Keeper Screen Cage = 23.75”W x 23”D x 48”H

This large screen cage will house larger chameleons such as adult male panther or veiled chameleons.

Large Keeper Screen Cage Ordering Information: The Large Keeper Screen Cage is compatible with the Large Keeper Drainage Tray and the Large Keeper Substrate Tray


Bundle Options: If you would like to order more two cages please select from the following bundle configurations so that we may bundle them together and you save on shipping.