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Note on PVC floor panels and Drainage Trays:

 The drainage trays are for indoor use only. The black trays can warp if left out in the sun or exposed to high heat. Do not sun dry the tray after cleaning. Do not put any trays or PVC floor panels in the dishwasher as the heat will melt them. All items can be cleaned with luke warm water.


1) Credit Card. You do not have to have a Paypal account to purchase product. If you would like to pay via credit card then follow the Paypal payment button and it will provide you with the option to use a credit card without a Paypal account. Follow the PayPal screens until you come to the part where you must enter in an account name (shown below). Select “New to PayPal” and you can checkout with just your credit card. You will NOT be required to sign up for a PayPal account. Paypal


1) Signature. On the checkout page (the next page) you’ll be asked whether you would like to sign for your package. This is to combat the growing trend of people following delivery trucks to steal packages left at the door. We prefer to send packages with signature required because that allows us to verify that you received the package. Alternatively, If you feel your doorstep is safe and are willing to accept the delivery notice from the shipper that the package was delivered as proof of delivery then we’d be happy to send the package without signature requirement.  A requirement for signature is an inconvenience, but such is the world that it is necessary. We cannot change the signature requirement once the product ships, but if you find you are not able to be there you can call FedEX with the tracking number and ask them to hold it at a FedEX location for pick up. If we have to send you a follow-up package we will use the same setting chosen on your order unless specifically requested otherwise. Note: If you are not home or find a FedEX notice on your door, please respond promptly. They will send the box back to the shipper after three attempts. Additional shipping costs related to the return and any resending will be the responsibility of the customer. If the product is refused and received back without prior arrangement the order cost less the shipping fees incurred and payment processing fees will be refunded.  2) PO BOX Address. If you have a PO BOX address you must contact me for USPS shipping. The FedEX system will return a shipping cost to the shipping calculator, but FedEX will NOT deliver to a PO BOX. This is a bug in their system and they have not yet fixed it.  If you do enter a PO Box and choose FedEX I will notify you that I need a physical address. If one is not available I will have to quote you USPS rates or I will refund your order. 3) Special Shipping Instructions. The delivery person will make their best judgement when leaving the package. There is no field to enter special delivery instructions on the shipping label so the delivery person is not guaranteed to read additional text.   4)  International Shipping. We do some international shipping for accessories. We charge the shipping cost to get there, but any fees, taxes, or duties to be collected on your end are not included and your responsibility. I am sorry, but we are not able to ship cages internationally. 


You can cancel orders for standard products up until we ship the item. There will be a 5% cancellation fee due to the expenses that we incur simply by taking the order and refunding. Once the item has shipped the order cannot be cancelled and it falls under the return policy.


Cages are unable to be accepted as returns.

Returns on Dragon Ledges are accepted on unopened boxes for 30 days after you receive the product. We will refund the cost, less a 5% processing fee we are charged, when we receive the product back in new condition. We cannot refund the shipping cost for any leg of the journey. The return postage is the buyer’s responsibility.

Damaged Product:

If the product is damaged due to shipping then Dragon Strand will replace the product when the request is accompanied by pictures documenting the damage to both the product and the box. Contrary to conspiracy theories, we do not send out broken items thinking no one will notice. There are times that shipping damage does not produce external marks on the box, but please look for it as this is the only way I can present a claim to FedEX. That said, dealing with the shipper is my chore. I will make sure you get the product you purchased.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If there is damage please do a thorough inspection of all the parts. I will send one box of replacement parts at my cost. If shipping damage on the original shipment is detected after I have shipped the first round of replacements I will replace the parts at my cost, but you will pay the shipping.


We are in constant manufacturing of the different cages. Products in stock usually go out within 2 business days of your order. If we run out of inventory of a certain cage before the next build there may be a wait before we can ship. If your order is time sensitive please email to bill@dragonstrand.com to check on shipping time before ordering.  If there is a wait then your placed order is a guaranteed inclusion in the next build. Build schedules are estimates. They are as accurate as possible at the time, but often shift. Once again, your ship date estimate may move around.  

NOTE: Upon check out you will be required to check a box acknowledging “Delayed Presentment“. It is required of me by certain credit card companies to make it clear, and get your acknowledgment, that you are ordering something that will ship at a later date. Some items are in stock, but often products are purchased from a future build


Verify that your shipping address state and zip code is correctly selected!


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