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Announcing: The New Tall Screen Cage System!

Tall Screen Cage System

The new Tall Screen Cage System (23.75″ x 23″ x 48″) is the first member from the newly designed screen cage line from Dragon Strand to be released. The major components to this cage have been upgraded to provide us keepers of arboreal reptiles with a higher quality experience.

All Dragon Strand screen cages, including the Tall Screen Cage, have been upgraded to have the following:

Solid white PVC back. As most cages are up against a wall, this protects the house walls from mist overspray and reflects light back into the cage.

Patented Dragon Ledges. Dragon Ledges are anchors that allow you to easily mount horizontal branches and potted plants. They are standard with all Dragon Strand screen cages. The Tall Screen Cage System comes with two for each side and two for the back. Click on the cage images to go to the product page and learn more about what is behind this redesigned and upgraded cage.

Fitted Drainage Tray. The cage sits on top of this tray which keeps waste water physically apart from your chameleon. This is a fitted tray which has raised supports in the middle to handle potted plants on the floor.

Hydration Mount. This included mount allows the installation of Mist-King and Cli-Mist nozzles and also a grommeted input for 1/4″ tubing. This tubing input can be used for installing a plant watering drip system.

Solid/Screen Floor. Two floors are included to allow you to choose for maximum support with the solid floor or maximum drainage with the screen floor. The other may be kept near by and used as a temporary floor while the other is being deep cleaned.

Dragon Ledges

Click here to select the right size Dragon Ledge set for your cage.

Non-Dragon Strand cage accessories

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Welcome to Dragon Strand!

Message from Dragon Strand Jan 21. 2020

The Dragon Strand caging line is being upgraded. Many of you know that we spent some time “re-tooling” to upgrade both our materials and our internal systems. This process is completed and now we are releasing our new cage line one model at a time. There are some significant changes going into 2020.


  • Proprietary Framing. First of all, we are now using proprietary framing. This framing is thicker, stronger, and straighter. More importantly, I will be in total control of the quality. While the rest of the market looks for ways to cut corners I am looking for ways to increase the quality of my products. I designed this framing to give us the characteristics that we need to make chameleon cages. We will no longer be using materials originally designed for other industries.


  • Solid Back Walls for All Screen Cages. All of my screen cages will now come with solid PVC back panels. Screen cages are almost always placed against a wall. By making solid back panels standard your home walls are protected from mist overspray and light is reflected back into the cage. This does not materially affect the ventilation of the cage.


  • More Back Dragon Ledges.  Back panels will also come standard with two vertical Dragon Ledges.


  • Stainless Steel Door Latches. All closures have been upgraded to stainless steel toggle latches


The first cage to be released will be the Tall Screen Cage System which comes with the above mentioned features as well as a Hydration mount for misters, six Dragon Ledges, both a solid and a screen floor panel, and a fitted drainage tray. The Tall Screen cage is 23.75″ x 23″ x 48″ and replaces the Large Keeper Kit in the Dragon Strand line up. The Tall Screen Cage System is in inventory right now.

The Breeder and Clearside series cages are coming back with upgrades of their own. We will be launching new models every week or two until each entire line is back up and running. If you would like to be notified by email as each cage family member is released please sign up for the newsletter and you’ll be among the first to know.

Thank you for your patience and support. I am grateful that I have this opportunity to work on refining our chameleon cage experience. 2020 is an exciting year as this marks the start of chameleon cages being made with parts designed specifically for our needs!

-Bill Strand

Founder of the Dragon Strand Chameleon Caging Company

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Chameleon Cage set-up


Innovation is at the heart of Dragon Strand…and that passion continues.

Dragon Strand leads in innovations that matter for chameleon keepers and breeders!

  • Our Breeder Series Chameleon Cages introduced the first commercially produced solid side cages specifically for the chameleon community. The screen front and top maintained the required ventilation, while the three solid PVC sides added the capability to hold mist in the cage and create hiding spots.
  • The patented Dragon Strand “Dragon Ledge” Branch Holders were the first product on the market that allowed keepers to easily mount horizontal branches and potted plants in their chameleon cages without compromising the structural integrity of the cage.
  • The Dragon Strand Nursery Cage System was the first commercially available caging system specifically designed for raising baby chameleons
  • The Dragon Strand ClearSide Enclosure line gives arboreal reptile keepers the visibility of glass at a fraction of the weight!
  • The Dragon Strand Atrium Series wide format cages give keepers the space they need to landscape a cage! Includes the largest commercially produced chameleon cage.

Comments (2)

  • Robert

    Would your clear sided enclosures be suitable for Giant day geckos?

    February 4, 2020 at 5:45 pm
  • Bill Strand

    Yes, the Clearside Enclosures will do very well for Giant Day Geckos.

    February 14, 2020 at 9:12 pm

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