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Message from Dragon Strand

The Dragon Strand caging company is about to engage in significant upgrades to our production capability. Dragon Strand is known for excellent cages, but also long waits. These upgrades will allow us to produce the excellent cages at a higher capacity. Translation: Removing the long waits!

To do this we need to finish our order backlog and then execute the final stages of our upgrade plan.

What this means is that we will be in a reduced production state until the middle of January. We will still be building cages, but I will only take orders for cages that are in stock or are part of the next upcoming build. I apologize for the significant reduction in variety available, but the outcome will be well worth this effort. Dragon Ledges and Drainage Trays will remain at full production levels through this time.

All product pages will be active, but ordering will only be for the products on this front page.

Thank you for your support. January is right around the corner and I can’t wait to jump back in the full swing of things!

-Bill Strand

Founder of Dragon Strand

Upcoming Cage Builds & Product Availability

1st week Dec

Medium Screen Atrium

Medium Screen Atrium

Cage = 28.5″ wide x 18″ deep x 29.5″ high

Includes Dragon Ledges, Hydration Mount, and Drip Easy Drainage Tray

2nd week Dec

Medium Tall Screen Atrium System

Medium Tall Screen Atrium

Cage = 30″ wide x 23″ deep x 48″ high

Includes Dragon Ledges, 2*Hydration Mount, and Drip Easy Drainage Tray

3rd week Dec

Large Keeper Kit

Large Keeper Kit

Cage = 23.75″ wide x 23″ deep x 48″ high

Includes Dragon Ledges and Hydration Mount

Dragon Ledges and Drainage/Substrate Trays remain in full production.

Dragon Ledges

Click here to select the right size Dragon Ledge set for your cage.

Non-Dragon Strand cage accessories

Dragon Ledges and Drainage Trays for ReptiBreeze, DIY, and Exo-Terra cages

Mountain Dragons by Jan Stipala

An image rich journey into the highlands of Kenya with Jan Stipala to search for rare chameleons.

Within the Month of November the available cage will be the Large Keeper Kit. This is planned for availability in the middle of November.

Large Keeper Kit = 23.75″ W x 23″ D x 48″ High full screen cage with 5 Dragon Ledges and one Hydration Mount

Optional Accessories:

Drainage Tray = Tray that goes under the entire cage and collects waste water

Drip Easy Drainage = Drainage Tray with screen panel that replaces the standard plastic cage floor. Great visuals and superior drainage, but cage floor must be clear.

Substrate Tray = Goes inside cage and allows 2.5″ of soil. Not intended for water collection.

Deep Substrate Tray = Goes inside cage and allows 5.5″ of soil. This allows for plants to root and is deep enough for chameleons to lay eggs.

The rest of the Dragon Strand cage line will come back available in January 2020 as they are retooled. I apologize for this inconvenience. It will be worth it!

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Chameleon Cage set-up


Innovation is at the heart of Dragon Strand…and that passion continues.

Dragon Strand leads in innovations that matter for chameleon keepers and breeders!

  • Our Breeder Series Chameleon Cages introduced the first commercially produced solid side cages specifically for the chameleon community. The screen front and top maintained the required ventilation, while the three solid PVC sides added the capability to hold mist in the cage and create hiding spots.
  • The patented Dragon Strand “Dragon Ledge” Branch Holders were the first product on the market that allowed keepers to easily mount horizontal branches and potted plants in their chameleon cages without compromising the structural integrity of the cage.
  • The Dragon Strand Nursery Cage System was the first commercially available caging system specifically designed for raising baby chameleons
  • The Dragon Strand ClearSide Enclosure line gives arboreal reptile keepers the visibility of glass at a fraction of the weight!
  • The Dragon Strand Atrium Series wide format cages give keepers the space they need to landscape a cage! Includes the largest commercially produced chameleon cage.