Alternative Cage Manufacturers

If you have caging from other manufacturers, some Dragon Strand accessories are compatible. We will be able to provide Dragon Ledges and Hydration Mounts for a number of the alternatives brands such as ZooMed ReptiBreeze, Exo-Terra, and DIY Cages. Please check dimensions of your cage to confirm compatibility. Scroll down to choose accessories by  specific cage type.

Dragon Ledges

The patented Dragon Ledges (US D800,969 S) are anchor supports that you permanently attach to the frame of your cage to allow you to build up a branch and potted live plant environment within your cage. This creates a “floating garden” type appearance which provides for the needs of your chameleon and looks attractive in your home. This works because the Dragon Ledges transfer the weight from the inside of the cage to the strength of the aluminum frame.

Dragon Ledges are sold in sets of different numbers depending on the size of your cage. The anchors are designed in black and are meant to be as unobtrusive as possible. Each Dragon Ledge assembly consists of a Brace piece that is screwed into the aluminum frame of the cage, a Spacer which goes between the Brace and the cage wall material, and the Ledge piece which goes inside the cage. You are then able to attach branches and potted plants to the Dragon Ledges and they will effectively transfer the weight to the frame without stressing the screen wall.

Dragon Ledges are attached to the cage by self-tapping screws. You will screw each Brace to the frame with four included screws. This is meant to be a permanent addition to your cage. Each Ledges will also require three holes in the screen at the weight transfer points. These holes are completely covered by the Dragon Ledge assembly. The addition of Dragon Ledges to your screen cafe will significantly increase the structural strength of the entire cage

Each cage type requires a different length Brace that corresponds to the width from outside side to outside side of the panel it will be attached to. Please ensure that you get the right length Dragon Ledge set that will fit your cage.


To search through the compatibility chart: Dragon Ledge Compatibility Chart

To learn how to most effectively use Dragon Ledges: Dragon Ledge Application Note

Dragon Ledges demo

In this before and after image you can see the addition of the Dragon Ledges to a bare screen cage and the skeleton of the major branch and potted plant elements. The after shot shows the cage completely filled in with the floating garden style of interior.

Dragon Ledges

Dragon Ledges are designed to permanently attach to your cage, add structural support, provide strong anchors for your branches and plants, and be un-obtrusive.

Dragon Ledges Structure

By mounting two vertical thick branches you can create a structure where you are free to attach horizontal perching branch he’s and potted plants at any height in the cage. Note the ┬áhorizontal cross bar which provides an easy foundation to give support to the bottom of a potted plant

Floating Garden Cages

Dragon Ledges allow you to move plants off the bottom of the cage to the middle of your cage to give your chameleon that “forest edge” style cage.

Drainage Tray vs. Substrate Tray

A Drainage Tray is design to sit under the cage and collect the waste water. It has supports which will keep the cage bottom out of the collected water. The whole purpose of a drainage tray is to keep the excess water out of the cage and away from poop and escaped feeder insects. Water + poop + feeder insects = unsanitary bacterial pill for your chameleon. Since, at the time of this writing, Dragon Strand is the only company to offer drainage trays for their cages, if you have a tray it is very likely designed to slip inside the cage. This is a substrate tray and is not suitable for water collection. It will certainly collect water, but just like paper towels, puppy pads, towels, or anything else that holds the water in the cage – it is unsanitary. You want to separate water from poop and feeder insects as much as is possible. A drainage tray does this. Dragon Strand drainage trays have a middle support to accommodate potted plants.

A Substrate Tray goes inside the cage. These are used to include a soil floor to your cage. If you are doing a bio-active set-up then these are what you need. Unfortunately, many cage manufacturers offer substrate trays and sell them as if they were drainage trays. This, of course, is the wrong tool for the job! A drainage tray is what you need.

Chameleon Cage Drainage Tray

If it goes inside the cage it is a substrate tray and not appropriate for collecting water. Drainage Trays sit under the cage and collect the water away from your animal and escaped feeders.

Support for 24" x 24" cages: ReptiBreeze XL & DIY SC4

Dragon Strand is making its patented Dragon Ledges available in lengths that match other cage lines.

The 24″ set of Dragon Ledges comes with four side ledges and one back ledge. The back ledge is slightly shorter so that it fits cleanly with the cage design. There are a few special packages available

  1. 24″ Dragon Ledge Five pack for on ReptiBreeze XL (2x2x4′) cage
  2. 24″ Dragon Ledge Five pack + Hydration Mount
  3. Dragon Ledges XL Double Wide Addition is three back ledges for the special project of adding an additional XL cage to an existing one to create a 4′ x 2′ x 4′ cage.
  4. Dragon Ledges XL Double Wide pack which can populate a 4’x2’x4′ cage created by combining two Reptibreeze XL cages.

The 25″ Universal Drainage Tray is design to go under the cage, collect the waste water, and hold the cage above the water. This package also comes with a screen floor which can replace the standard plastic floor and offer almost 100% drainage

The Hydration Mount allows you to mount your mister nozzle anywhere along the sides, front, or back of the top panel. It is compatible with standard Mist King and Cli-mist nozzles for their consumer misting packages.

The 2x2x4 Cage Accessory Pack combines the drainage tray, Dragon Ledges, and Hydration mounts.

These products are made on a weekly basis.

Support for Exo-Terra Large X-Tall (36" x 18" x 36")

Dragon Strand is making its patented Dragon Ledges available in lengths that match other cage lines. The 36″ wide set of Dragon Ledges comes with four side ledges and a special double vertical ledge set for the back panel.

This product is made on a weekly basis.

Note: The product picture shows the Dragon Ledges as attached to a cage. The cage is NOT included with this product.

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