2x2x4 Cage Accessory Pack

2x2x4 Cage Accessory Pack

24in Accessory Bundle

2x2x4 Cage Accessory Pack


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The 2x2x4 Cage Accessory Pack consists of one 25″ Drainage Tray, one set of five 24″ Dragon Ledges, and two Hydration Mounts. 

This bundle has been specifically designed for owners of the Reptibreeze 48″ tall X-Large Screen cage and the DIY Cages 48″ tall Jumbo cage.

This Accessory Pack has been created to complete the standard 2’x2’x4′ screen cage set-up. This pack gives you Hydration Mounts to attach mist heads to your cage top, Dragon Ledges to mount plants along the sides of the cage, and a drainage tray to collect the water under the cage. This pack fulfills the most commonly requested additions to the standard screen cage.

How do I attach branches and plants to a screen cage? This function is provided by the Dragon Ledges which give a solid anchor for horizontal branches and potted plants with no stress on the screen itself.

What do I do with the water that collects in the cage? The proper approach is to gather the water under the cage where escaped feeder insects cannot get to it or your chameleon can not walk through it. The included drainage tray accomplishes this by being strong enough that a cage filled with potted plants can sit on top of it.

How do I attach these mist nozzles? Did you order your misting system, get it home, and find out that there was no way included to attach the mist nozzle to your cage? This is a common frustration! Two mounts are included that will hold the standard mist heads from Mist King or Cli-Mist. There is also a 1/4″ tubing input that can be used to get the Exo-Terra Monsoon mist head inside the cage.

Drainage Tray: This drainage tray has been designed to be compatible with 24″ x 24″ square cage sizes.

Outside Dimensions: 25.25″ Wide x 25.25″ Deep x 1.75″ High

Inside dimensions: 24.875″ Wide x 24.875″ Deep

(Width is the front dimension from side to side and Depth is the side dimension from front to back)

Make sure your counter space is big enough for the outside dimensions and your cage fits within the inside dimensions.

Dragon Ledges: These Dragon Ledges are designed to fit cages that are exactly 24″ on the side and back. There are four Dragon Ledges for the sides panels (two each) and one Dragon Ledge for the slightly smaller back panel. The Dragon Ledges are patented under patent US D800,969 S

Hydration Mounts: These mounts are compatible with mist heads which mount through a 1/2″ diameter hole. Examples include the standard Mist King and Cli-Mist mist heads. There is also a grommeted input which allows 1/4″ tubing to enter the cage. This can be used for plant drip systems or to allow the tubing for the Exo-Terra Monsoon to enter the cage cleanly. Though, the Monsoon mist head will need to be mounted within the cage.

This product is made to order. Normal lead time on shipping this product is about one week.

Dragon Ledges Assembly Instructions


Compatibility:  This drainage tray is specially designed to accommodate square shaped cage footprints of 24″ x 24″.  Major Brands supported are the ZooMed  ReptiBreeze XL, DIY Cages “Jumbo” model, or the older 2’x2’x4′ LLL Reptile and Jungle Hobbies cages.

Universal 25″ Drainage Tray: This drainage tray has been designed to be compatible with 24″ x 24″ square cage footprints.  This is a proper drainage tray which means it sits under the cage collecting the excess water outside the cage.  A water catch outside the cage avoids the unsanitary soup of excess misting water, drowned feeders, and chameleon waste.  This drainage tray will collect that water outside the cage so the chameleon has no access to the waste water. The new seamless design has a support molded in the middle to support potted plants resting on the floor. Though, the included Dragon Ledges give you the opportunity to have a completely “floating” style interior design with the plants up the sides of the cage. There is enough room in front of the cage that you have access to the water in the tray. This water can be removed using a wet/dry vacuum. An inexpensive model is shown on this article on Drainage Trays.

To use the Drainage Tray you place your cage on the drainage tray so it sits on top of the supports. You will use the floor that comes with your cage.  you leave in the floor that comes with your cage. We do recommend drilling small holes numerous places along the floor of your cage so that the water has an easy way to drain into the drainage tray.  Do NOT drill holes in your drainage tray.  (Just making sure that is clear.) This article on Drainage should help with any questions.

Warning: These trays are for indoor use only. The black ABS plastic absorbs sunlight and may warp if left out in the sun or exposed to high heat. Do not sun dry after cleaning.

Dragon Ledges: A set of five Dragon Ledges is included. These braces are installed on the sides of your screen cage. They are meant to be permanent additions. You will be screwing them directly into the frame of your cage. Installing the Dragon Ledges actually strengthens your entire cage. This accessory pack comes with five Dragon Ledges with the idea that there would be two installed on each side and one on the back panel. The brace for the Dragon Ledge on the back is slightly shorter due to the back panel being slightly smaller than the side panels. Be sure to use the right one for the back! While it is tempting to just attach branches and pots to the Dragon Ledges directly, a little strategy can greatly expand your capabilities and opportunities. Check out this article on Getting the Most out of Your Dragon Ledges.

Hydration Mounts: The Dragon Strand Hydration Mounts are designed to be able to be installed anywhere along the underside of the top panel. It includes a hole that will accept standard mist nozzles from Mist King or Cli-Mist. There is also a grommeted hole that can accept 1/4″ tubing. This allows the entry of a plant drip system or the tubing for the Exo-Terra Monsoon misting system. Two hydration mounts are included with this accessory pack.


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