Mountain Dragons by Jan Stipala


One copy of the incredible book “Mountain Dragons” which is a beautifully photographed record of Jan Stipala’s research into the highland species of Kenya’s chameleons. Each page is filled with large photographs of chameleons many of us have never heard of, much less seen pictures of. In here we see the amazing variation in appearance of species such as Trioceros jacksonii and Trioceros hoehnelii. This is a coffee table book that looks gorgeous, but it is also filled with information and an extensive species profile section in the back. This is one of those books that belongs in every serious chameleon enthusiast’s library!

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  1. Patrick Knight (verified owner)

    This book is amazing. It’s so detailed, and the photographs are amazing. To my surprise, it was also signed! Thank you so much Jan Stipala for this wonderful work, and thank you Bill Strand for the opportunity to purchase!

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