About Us

The Dragon  Strand chameleon caging company has been established to support and further the breeding of arboreal reptiles and amphibians. These products are a result of decades of raising chameleons and refining husbandry. We are dedicated to multi-generational breeding which we define as maintaining generations of healthy animals in captivity.  Multi-generational work is carried out by both professionals and serious hobbyists. Our aim is to give you the equipment you need to do your work effectively.  And for beginners we will help get you up to speed so that you can join the effort.

Professional Breeders: Whether you have a storefront or are working out of your bedroom, if you sell reptiles you are running a professional project. Your work of raising up babies that will inspire the next generation of keepers is critical to our efforts. The more effective you are in producing healthy pets the stronger we are as a community. Dragon Strand products give you an organized and efficient way of using your space and still giving your breeding group the room they need.  These products are an investment that will pay off with the higher quality animals that come from the benefits of isolated growth.

Multi-Generational Breeders: You are breeding a species that is no longer imported, is rarely seen, or just happens to be your favorite. Your pay off is the satisfaction of your results. Dragon Strand products are made to best create that program with healthy and strong members.


The Founder.

Bill Strand has been involved in captive breeding of chameleons for almost four decades. He has bred reptiles and amphibians at the hobbyist level and at the large-scale commercial level.  In 2002 he established the successful Chameleons! eZine (www.chameleonnews.com) with Ken Kalisch and Don Wells.  He is the host of the Chameleon Breeder Podcast which is a free weekly audio show full of chameleon related interviews and information. You can find it on Apple Podcasts, Google Play, Stitcher, or IHeartRadio. To listen online and enjoy the show notes find the website here: http://www.chameleonbreeder.com

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