Customer Spotlight: Housing Abronia alligator lizards with Jason Balfour

Customer Spotlight: Housing Abronia alligator lizards with Jason Balfour

Abronia graminea

Keeping Abronia in Dragon Strand Cages

Dragon Strand cages are known for housing chameleons, but many other arboreal reptiles and amphibians do well in these cages. Arboreal herps generally have the same needs of a good amount of space and ventilation. Even if they live in humid areas, there is still airflow. This is why our arboreal reptiles need special attention given towards their caging.

One incredibly fascinating reptile is the arboreal alligator lizards from Mexico in the Abronia genus. With their vivid color, prehensile tails, and live birth they are a pleasure to work with!

Thus I was excited when Jason Balfour shared with me how he was building up the Medium Tall Keeper cages he purchased from Dragon Strand to meet the needs of his Abronia. He has been generous enough to allow me to share with you a little bit about his Abronia and the cage build progressions.

Jason used the Medium Tall Keeper Screen Cages (17.75 x 17″ x 36″) with Dragon Ledges and a deep substrate tray to create his environments. The pictures will speak for themselves, but Jason shares that he used a hot glue gun and zip ties to secure the cork tubes and plastic pots to the Dragon Ledges.

Jason currently works with three species of Abronia: Abronia graminea, A. smithi, and A. auritas

Abronia Species

Abronia graminea

Abronia graminea

Abronia smithi

Abronia smithi

Abronia aurita

Abronia auritas

Cage 1

Abronia cage 3A
Abronia cage 3B
Abronia cage 3C

Cage 2

Abronia cage 1A
Abronia cage 1B
Abronia cage 1C

Cage 3

Abronia cage 2A
Abronia cage 2b
Abronia cage 2C

And, finally, the Abronia are introduced!

abronia in cage
abronia in cage

Follow Jason's work with Abronia

If you would like to follow Jason’s work, you can follow him on Instagram at

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