Large Keeper Chameleon Cage Kit

Large Chameleon Cage Kit Introduction

The Large Keeper Chameleon Cage Kit was designed to give you a solid foundation for your chameleon environment creation. This cage system is appropriate for any chameleon in size up to adult male Veiled and Panther Chameleons. The included set of Dragon Ledges allow you to mount horizontal branches with ease and then add in potted plants with trailing vines – all without stressing the screen walls. And finally, an extra white floor panel is added to aid your cleaning efforts. By being able to fully remove the soiled floor and immediately replace it with a clean one, deep cleaning (scrubbing the panel with soap and/or bleach) of the floor panel is now much more convenient. The significance of this is that spot cleaning (just picking up poop with a paper towel) does not remove all the bacteria and parasites. The simple act of adding a deep clean to your husbandry protocol has great hygienic benefit. With the Dragon Ledges you are creating an environment that is good for your chameleon’s mental health and with the more effective cleaning regimen you are increasing your chameleon’s hygienic health.


Chameleon species

Species that can be kept in the Large Keeper Chameleon Cage

The large bundle is appropriate for chameleons that grow to about 8 inches of body length. This includes Panther Chameleons, Veiled Chameleons, and Jackson’s Chameleons. The only chameleons this does not include are adult Meller’s, Parson’s, Oustelett’s, and Verrucosus chameleons. These larger chameleons can spend much of their growing years in this cage size, but will need larger accommodations as they grow up. This cage can also be used for pygmy chameleons. Different species of the Brookesia, Rhampholeon, and Rieppelion genus require various levels of height and this cage, with the optional substrate tray, would be appropriate for providing a wide range of options for them. Yes, you can keep them in smaller cages, but try the idea of creating a large, lush environment around a small animal and you will see a wide range of natural behaviors that are missed in close quarters.

Ages. This cage can be set-up for any age chameleon. While advice is usually given to house babies in a smaller cage, this is unnecessary for a chameleon at around three months of age. At this age, your chameleon is well started and self-sufficient.

Features of the Large Chameleon Cage

Rust proof. A major application we wanted to give to our cages was the ability to keep them outdoors and in greenhouses. Other manufacturers advertised aluminum and stainless steel, but the magnet test always showed that this claim was, at best, exaggerated. Material with rusting potential will attract a magnet. If a magnet sticks to any part of your cage then it can rust. You’ll find nowhere on the Dragon Strand cages where a magnet will stick! Our clients include greenhouses and zoos that cannot afford rust potential. Being rust free also gives us the ability to use these cages in some very interesting outdoor applications which are included in this booklet!

Door Handles. It seem like a simple feature, but it is so important! Having an easy way to open the service and main doors streamlines your daily cleaning and interactions with your chameleon.

Service Door. The flip-up service door allows simple cleaning of the floor. Whether you are just spot cleaning or removing the entire floor this door allows you to do it with the minimum of disturbance to your chameleon!

Rust Proof Hinges. These plastic hinges are actually stronger than the zinc plated ones often used. At 40 lbs strength each of them can hold four entire cages. The door hardly rates in their book! The hinge pin is a non-rusting stainless steel.

Extra PVC Floor. The best way to keep your chameleon in the cleanest environment is to clean feces as soon as they are dropped. Spot cleaning is very good, but still leaves bacterial residue and parasite eggs. The best way to fully clean is to remove the entire floor and give it an appropriate disinfecting. By having a second floor you may remove the dirty floor, immediately replace it with a clean floor and then disinfect the dirty floor carefully without worrying about your chameleon having access to the waste water in the drainage tray. This is excellent daily husbandry and a critical component to a quarantine situation.

Dragon Ledges. Your cage bundle comes standard with five patent pending Dragon Ledges. This product was invented by Dragon Strand to solve the problem of mounting horizontal branches and potted plants in a screen cage without stressing the screen sides. You are able to place them anywhere on the sides and back of the cage. Using the tutorial in this booklet you will be able to create functional and beautiful cages from the simple to the elaborate. They will provide solid anchors for your horizontal branches as well as mounting support for potted plants in one gallon containers.

Vine Holders. There are two vine holders on the top panel of every Dragon Strand cage. This allow convenient places to hook and hang artificial vines.

Aluminum Screen. A pure aluminum screen means you will not have to deal with the side of your cage rusting out. The screen version of this bundle gives maximum ventilation for you chameleon.


Accessories Available for the Large Chameleon Cage

The most important accessory to consider is a drainage tray which will catch excess water outside of the cage interior.  There are a number of options available and this guide will help you decide which one is appropriate for your application.

Drainage Trays and Substrate Trays

There are two types of trays that are used with Dragon Strand caging: Drainage trays and Substrate Trays. Substrate Trays fit inside the cage and the cage sits on top of a Drainage Tray. A substrate tray is used if you desire to create a substrate floor of oak leaves or moss, for example, and a drainage tray is used to collect excess water. In most chameleon applications, a drainage tray is what would be useful.

Large Keeper Substrate Tray. The Large Keeper Substrate Tray is a 3” tall black PVC tray that fits on the floor inside the cage. This is used to hold soil, coco fiber, sphagnum moss or any other substrate combination. This substrate tray will be useful if you are housing pygmy chameleons or are constructing a bio-active environment. In this application, drilling holes in the floor of the substrate tray and having a drainage tray under the cage allows a healthy water cycle through the soil. With drainage to outside the cage you do not have to worry about the substrate ever saturating with water and your mist cycles can be set with your animals in mind and not how deep your drainage layer is in your substrate tray. Note: It is not recommended to use a substrate tray to collect excess water from your misting. Remember, substrate trays are inside your cage and your goal is to get the water out of the cage. Any water left inside the cage will pool, mix with feces, and provide an unhygienic and, possibly, parasite laden soup for escaped feeders to crawl through and, thus, provide a quick shot of bio-poison to your animal when he eats that feeder. Please use a Drainage Tray to collect water!

Large Keeper Drainage Tray. The Large Keeper Drainage Tray fits under the cage and provides a collection point for excess water outside the chameleon’s living space. This tray has supports on each corner and in the middle giving support for one medium sized pot in the middle of the floor.

Large Drip Easy Drainage System. This item combines the Large Keeper Drainage Tray with a screen floor panel. The Drip easy system was originally designed and introduced to the chameleon world by Ed Kammer of Kammerflage Kreations. We offer this product under agreement with Mr. Kammer. The screen floor panel replaces the standard white PVC floor panel on the bottom of your cage. The benefits are twofold. The first is superior drainage. The screen floor completely eliminates pooling of water and, thus, greatly reduces the bacterial exposure due to feces. The second benefit is aesthetic. With the black drainage tray underneath, the floor effectively disappears leaving the eye to focus on the plantscape along the sides of the cage supported by the Dragon Ledges. The Drip Easy is meant to be used in designs that include a bare floor. Although there is a middle support in the drainage tray, the screen floor will not support potted plants well.

25” Heavy Duty Drainage Tray. For those that would like to include larger pots sitting on the bottom of the cage, the 25” Heavy Duty Drainage Tray has thick supports that run across the drainage tray in an X pattern and provides support for heavier pots inside the cage.

23” Dragon Ledges. Your Large Cage System already comes with five Dragon Ledges. If you desire more anchors or supports for your cage design you may order them in packs of five.

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Assembly Instructions:

Large Keeper Bundle Assembly Instructions 052614 for printing



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