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World Chameleon Species Tour Series

chameleon species of the world

I would like to invite you to join an educational outreach effort I am doing on the Facebook group The Chameleon Enthusiasts. It is a tour of the world’s chameleon species meant to give a look into the diversity that are found within chameleon species.
I have teamed up with Jurgen Van Overbeke who is one of the community’s most experienced breeders. Every Monday we will highlight another species. We have started on the west coast of Africa in the lowlands of Cameroon and we will slowly make our way across the continent and to the outer reaches of where chameleons live. These will be short bite-sized profile introductions. So far, we have covered Trioceros cristatus, Trioceros oweni, and Rhampholeon spectrum. We will be working our way up in elevation to cover the prominent species of Cameroon before moving to Uganda.

To check out the full profiles of these, and future chameleon species, click the button below to find The Chameleon Enthusiasts Facebook group and search for “World Tour” to find the posts. You’ll get more pictures and breeding notes from Jurgen. It is a closed group, but answering two simple questions gets you in!

You can also follow along with this series on the Chameleon_Breeder Instagram account

Bill Strand has been involved in captive breeding of chameleons for almost four decades. He has bred reptiles and amphibians at the hobbyist level and at the large-scale commercial level. In 2002 he established the successful Chameleons! eZine (www.chameleonnews.com) with Ken Kalisch and Don Wells. He led the South Bay Chameleon Keepers group in Southern California and is the host of the Chameleon Breeder Podcast at www.chameleonbreeder.com.

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