$12 off a subscription to Herp Nation!

Herp Nation

$12 off a subscription to Herp Nation!

Get $12 off a subscription to Herp Nation Magazine!


Herp Nation is our industry’s leading quality herp publication.  The guys there do a great job and are gearing up for a season that is not to miss!  Issue 16 is on it’s way!


This is a publication by reptile people for reptile people and subscribing is a great way to be part of the community.  We have been able to arrange a special offer for Chameleon Forums members.  If you purchase a six issue subscription from the Herp Nation website and enter in “DragonStrand” as a coupon code you will receive $12 off the subscription price.  If you have been curious or have been meaning to join this quality publication then now is the perfect time to do so!  There is no equal existing today.  The coupon code will be good until June 15, 2014. (Although note that this code is good for USA subscribers only)

No purchase necessary of anything Dragon Strand.  Just go and support some people that are doing good for our industry!  And if you have just learned of Herp Nation or have some missing issues then browse their back issue section to complete your collection.  (Though the back issues go pretty fast so don’t delay on this one!)


For Subscriptions: www.Herpnation.com , Coupon Code “DragonStrand”

For back issues: http://www.herpnation.com/back-issues/



Thor and the Chameleon Wranglers at Dragon Strand  

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