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We offer a wide selection of Chameleon Cages for babies to adults – so you can find the right chameleon cage for you.

The Dragon Strand team has been keeping chameleons for over 30 years. We have tried, built, and used all of the chameleon cages that have come and gone in that time. That experience has gone into the design of our own line of chameleon cages.  They are designed specifically for you – whether you have one chameleon or a breeding group.  Here we will guide you in choosing a chameleon cage.

Step 1) Choose your style of Chameleon cage.

You have two main styles of chameleon cages – Screen cages and hybrid screen cages.

Keeper Series Screen Cages are the most common style used with chameleons.  Every panel (but the bottom) is screen and offers the maximum possible in visibility and ventilation.  Chameleons, being arboreal (living in the trees), are used to air exchange.  Because most chameleons do very well at standard room temperature, screen cages offer an effective solution in both cost and function.  Our Keeper Series is our screen cage line. It was named this due to the screen cage use by the keepers of one or a few chameleons.  But these can be and have been used effectively by breeders. Don’t let the name keep you from this cage line if it fits your breeding program plans!

Breeder Series Hybrid Cages are a combination of screen and solid sides.  The Dragon Strand Breeder Series has screen front and top with PVC plastic sides and back.  The screen area provides the ventilation while the PVC sides and back bring a host of other advantages.

  • Mist and light retention.  Both mist and light are kept inside the cage.  Automatic mist nozzles may be installed up front pointing towards the back and the misting will not go outside the cage onto walls and furniture.  Likewise, the environment is much brighter due to the lighting being reflected back into the cage rather than escaping into the room.
  • Visual Isolation. In the case where you have two or more chameleons in cages next to each other, the Breeder Series, will block visual communication.  While chameleons do tend to settle in with each other when they know their territory will not be invaded, breeders will want to ensure that there is no intimidation or low grade stress levels that go along with constant exposure to other territorial, mate-minded, or just larger chameleons. Also, familiarity with each sometimes hinders mating responses.
  • Hiding Spaces. Chameleons don’t like to always be on display.  With the Breeder Series, the solid sides allow you to create hidden glens inside the cage which can act as hiding spaces and humidity pockets.
  • Branch Holders (Dragon Ledges). Dragon Ledges Branch Holders come standard with the Medium Tall, Medium Wide, Larger, and X-Large Breeder Series cages.  These Dragon Ledges allow easy installation of horizontal branching and are strong enough that they can hold potted plants.  Use this capability to create a lush environment for your chameleon.
  • Rack Compatible. The Breeder Series is specifically designed to fit on standard 18″ wide baker’s racks.  These are common found at club stores, home improvement stores, or multiple places on the internet.  This design greatly enhances the organization of a breeder group and makes constructing a room with multiple chameleon cages a much easier operation. The X-Large Breeder Cage is our exception as it is 23.75″ deep.

The Breeder Series cages are more frequently being used by keepers desiring to create a naturalistic vivarium for their chameleons.  The PVC construction allows larger sizes and much lighter caging than glass.  The solid sides are perfect for lining with cork and the branch holders will hold a variety of interior naturalistic decoration.  The name Breeder was coined because the benefits offered by this series are ones that are of paramount importance to breeders.  Once again, these “Breeder” chameleon cages can, and are, used by keepers.  You do not have to be a breeder to enjoy these advantages!

 Clear Side Hybrid Enclosures are a combination of screen and solid clear sides.  The Dragon Strand clear side has clear front, back and one side.  The other side and top are screen panels.  Please note that these sides are a flexible, durable clear PVC and NOT acrylic.  The PVC allows us to maintain the lower weight while gaining the solid clear sided advantages.  This enclosure allows you to strike a balance between retaining humidity and ventilation.  The unobstructed view of the clear sides gives you the ability to have a beautiful showpiece in your room while the solid nature of the clear sides retain mist.

Clear side enclosures are ideal for creating naturalistic environments where the arboreal landscaping is just as beautiful as the animal that lives there.

  • Mist retention.  Mist is kept inside the cage.  Automatic mist nozzles may be installed up front pointing towards the back and the misting will not go outside the cage onto walls and furniture.
  • Clear Front. You will be able to see your chameleon and its cage without the obstruction of screen.  Create a beautiful environment within the cage for both you and your chameleon to enjoy.

Learn more about the Clearside material here. It is flexible like screen, but stronger.

Clear Side Material

Note: Working with the clear side material is a more involved process and so we are building to a schedule.  If you desire the benefits of a Clearside cage please email us at dragonstrand@gmail.com and we will give you time of our next build. You are welcome to place an order and reserve your space in the build or else you are able to check back on the progress closer to the build date. We anticipate having a group available every two months.

All of the chameleon cages offered by Dragon Strand have Drainage Trays available.  Reference this post on Drainage to help you with this part of the chameleon cage setup.

Each of the cages offered by Dragon Strand (except the Nursery Cage System) also have substrate trays available for those who are housing pygmy chameleons, Uroplatus or are creating a naturalistic or bio-active environment.

Warning: The drainage and substrate trays are for indoor use only! Black PVC absorbs sunlight and will warp if left out in the sun or exposed to high heat. Do not sun dry the tray after cleaning.


Step 2) Choose the appropriate size Chameleon cage

Please use the selection guide below to find the right cage for you and your amazing chameleon friend. Find the age of your chameleon for a cage that is appropriate.  Ages given are for Panther Chameleons (Furcifer pardalis), Veiled Chameleons (Chamaeleo calyptratus), Yellow-Crested Jackson’s Chameleons (Trioceros jacksonii xanthalophus), and similar sized chameleons.  Adjustment for smaller chameleons is easy.  You can keep them in smaller chameleon cages longer and the adults will be happy in the “young chameleon” cages and larger.

Important note: A common question is how many chameleons can live in a single cage.  Chameleons do not do well sharing a cage.  Please do not handicap your chameleon keeping experience by trying this.  If you are contemplating keeping chameleons together please read the following article, Keeping Chameleons Together, to give you all the information you need to make this decision. 

Wide Format Atrium Chameleon Cages (3 months to Adulthood)

Chameleon Cages: Veiled Chameleon in Atrium Chameleon Cage



Large Atrium Enclosure

Our newest member to the Atrium family is the Large Atrium Enclosure that measures in at 45″ wide x 22″ deep to 44″ high.  This is truly the cage your chameleon can stretch and move around in!  More to the point, it allows you to create microclimates and gradients that are so critical to your chameleon’s health and well being.  The Large Atrium Enclosure is offered in an all screen version and a clear side format.  A drainage tray is available for the Large Atrium Enclosure as an optional accessory.

The Large Atrium Cage comes standard with eight Dragon Ledges included: Two for each side and four for the back panels.

The Large Clearside Atrium Enclosure takes the best production cage available for chameleons and gives you the visibility and mist retention of glass without the weight. It combines both width and height to give your chameleon three dimensions to move about and choose from multiple perching and hiding spots. This is the ultimate display cage for your large male Veiled and Panther Chameleons. The clear side version has front, back and left side (when facing the cage) in the clear material. The right side and top is screen to give ample ventilation. The clearside cages are built on a specific cycle. You may place an order and be guaranteed a cage from the next build. We anticipate a build every other month.


Medium Atrium Enclosure

The Medium Atrium Chameleon Cage was designed to effectively keep a chameleon from three months of age through adulthood.  This is your one cage for the life of the chameleon.  Its wide cage space is roomy enough for an adult, but the shape of it means that all the cage space is still accessible to a three month old baby panther, veiled, jackson’s or other similarly sized chameleon.

The Medium Atrium all-screen chameleon cages are 28.5″ Wide x 29.5″ High x 18″ Deep and come with five Dragon Ledge branch holders (one for back and four for sides) and a solid floor panel.

Dragon Ledges attach to the sides and back of the cage to give solid anchors which allow anchoring branches and mounting potted plants.

The included Drip Easy Drainage System comes with a Drainage Tray and a screen floor panel to replace the solid floor.  Run-off water will now flow directly into the drainage tray. You may choose to use either the solid white panel or the screen panel as your floor

More information can be found on the page Medium Atrium  Chameleon Cages.

A clear side version is available which has front, back and right side (when facing the cage) in the clear material. The left side and top is screen to give ample ventilation. The clearside cages are built on a specific cycle. You may place an order and be guaranteed a cage from the next build. We anticipate a build every other month.

Baby Chameleon Cages (0 to 3 months)

Chameleons Cages: baby deremensis chameleon

When raising a clutch of baby chameleons you will want to be able to separate them as needed. This calls for multiple small cages.  The most economical solution is the Juvenile Keeper Screen Cage. These chameleon cages are a manageable 15.75” wide and 20” tall. Both a drainage tray and substrate tray are available as options. The drainage tray sits under the cage and catches extra water while the substrate tray sits inside the cage and can be filled with soil, coco peat, or moss to raise the level of humidity. (If this is your choice, we suggest covering the soil with magnolia leaves or live moss to avoid the chameleon accidentally eating rocks or dirt when hunting for food that has dropped to the ground). Chameleons will quickly outgrow the Juvenile Keeper Screen Cage so we recommend going one size up to the Small Keeper Screen Cage if you are bringing home a single pet chameleon.

Juvenile Keeper Screen Cage Ordering Information: The Juvenile Keeper Screen Cage is 15.75″W x 15″D x 20″H.  It is compatible with the Small Drainage Tray and Small Substrate Tray if those options are desired.

The ideal chameleon baby housing remains the Dragon Strand Nursery Cage System. This top of the line system allows each baby to be raised by itself. Competition and bullying can produce stunted growth rates and physical damage. For breeders wanting to raise up their babies in prime health, individual raising is the only way to go. Each Dragon Strand Nursery Cage System includes four individual chameleon cages and a common Drainage Tray. The Nursery Cage System is designed to fit perfectly on commonly found standard 18” wide wire shelving. A 4’ wide shelf will fit two Nursery Cage Systems under a 48” fluorescent fixture. On a standard 6’ rack you can fit six systems giving you a total of 24 individual baby chameleon cages in four feet of wall space. The investment easily pays for itself after a couple clutches of A grade animals.

Nursery Cage System Ordering Information: The Nursery Cage System includes four individual chameleon cages and a Drainage Tray.  You do not need to order a drainage tray separately.

Young Chameleon Cages (4 to 8 months)

Chameleon Cages : Juvenile Panther Chameleon

During this time the chameleon is growing quickly. Panther Chameleons start showing their colors and Veiled Chameleons can easily double their size. If you are bringing home a baby chameleon as a pet the Small Keeper Screen Cage is a great choice. This screen cage is 30” high and sits on a 15.75” x 15” base. This size is perfect to grow out your baby chameleon. Please keep in mind that chameleon species and individuals within that species grow at different rates. If your chameleon looks cramped or starts climbing the walls of the cage that is the sign that it may be time to upgrade the cage size. Err on the side of going big early.

Small Keeper Screen Cage Ordering Information: The Small Keeper Screen Cage is 15.75″W x 15″D x 30″H.  It is compatible with the Small Drainage Tray and Small Substrate Tray if those options are desired. The 19″ Heavy Duty Drainage Tray can be used if more support is needed for the floor panel.

There are a number of choices on the Breeder Series Chameleon Cages during this age period.

The Compact Cage System (Screen Front) is perfect for breeders of Panther Chameleons and other species where you “hold back” babies to grow them out until you can decide if they should be part of your breeding program. The standard Compact Cage System has a screen front and top while the sides and back are solid white PVC.  With Panther Chameleons, breeders must hold the babies until they color up at 6-8 months. The Compact Caging System allows you to do this with the most efficient use of space. Each Compact Caging System contains two 10.5” wide, 24” high cages and a Drainage Tray. These specialized cages keep hold back chameleons individually and will fit four individual cages on one row of a standard 4’ wire shelving system.

Compact Cage System Ordering Information: The Compact Cage System includes two individual cages and a Drainage Tray.  You do not need to order a drainage tray separately.  There are also Compact Cage Substrate Trays available if you desire to create a naturalistic environment.

Compact Cage System, Clear Front. The Clear Front Compact Cage System, like the standard screen front system, contains a pair of cages and a drainage tray. The sides are white PVC with the front panels clear. Optional Substrate trays are available to create a humidity source. With the clear face panels your humidity will be held in and will create a humidity gradient from bottom to the screened top.  Extra Floor Panels are available for those desiring time-efficient cleaning protocols. You may replace all the dirty floor panels with clean ones on the spot and then the later disinfecting and deep cleaning will make another round of panels waiting to be switched in.

Learn more about the Clearside material here. It is flexible like screen, but stronger.

Clear Side Material


Note: The Clear Front Compact Cage System is built to order.

Individual Cage: 11” Wide x 16” Deep x 24” High

System (Pair of cages + Drainage Tray): 22.5” Wide x 17” Deep x 25” High

The Medium Wide Breeder Cage is 21” wide and 30” high. They will fit two per 4’ row on the wire shelving. The Medium Wide Breeder Cage comes in a screen front version and a clear front version. This size cage is perfect for smaller chameleons such as Carpet Chameleons or if you want to grow out your baby chameleon in a more spacious cage. The Medium Wide Breeders come with branch holders installed in the walls which form solid anchors to mount horizontal perching branches and to hold hanging plants. This cage provides an ideal platform for creating a naturalistic environment for your chameleon.

Medium Wide Breeder Cage Ordering Information: The Medium Wide Breeder Cage comes in both screen front and clear front versions.  Both of these versions use the Large Breeder Drainage Tray.  For those creating naturalistic environments there are both 3″ Large Breeder Substrate Trays and 6″ Large Breeder Substrate Trays.

Learn more about the Clearside material here. It is flexible like screen, but stronger.

Clear Side Material

Adult Female Chameleon Cages

Chameleon Cages: female panther chameleon in laying bin

The Medium Tall Keeper Screen Cage and Medium Tall Breeder Cage are the identical size at 17.75” x 17” x 36” high. You may select the style that suits your situation. The dimensions of this chameleon cage was designed for adult female Panther Chameleons and other like-sized chameleons. To this end, this size has a special accessory – the Dragon Strand Laying Box . The Laying Box fits under both the Breeder series and Keeper series Medium Tall cages in place of the drainage tray and offers 9” of digging depth. This Laying Box has been successful with Panther Chameleons, Veiled Chameleons, Oustalet’s Chameleons, Four-horned Chameleons, and all the way up to Meller’s Chameleons. (Although note: the Medium Tall chameleon cages are not suitable for long term keeping of adult Oustalet’s or Meller’s chameleons. Egg laying time only, please).  As female Jackson’s Chameleons are live-bearing consider the Large Breeder/Keeper Cage.

Medium Tall Breeder and Keeper Cage Ordering Information: The Medium Tall Keeper Screen Cage and Breeder Cage are compatible with the same accessories.  You have the option of a Medium Drainage Tray and a Substrate Tray.  Both of these can work together. The 19″ Heavy Duty Drainage Tray can be used if more support is needed for potted plants resting on the floor panel. These cages are also compatible with the Dragon Strand Laying Box.  If using the Laying Box, there is no need to also order a drainage or substrate tray unless your plan includes sharing one Laying Box between multiple Medium Tall cages such as in a breeding facility. 


 Adult Male Chameleon Cages

Chameleon Cages: Blue Nosy Be Panther Chameleon

The Large Keeper Screen Cage, Large Breeder Cage and Large Clear Side Enclosure are ideal for adult Panther, Veiled, or Jackson’s Chameleons. They are approximately 4’ tall. The Large Keeper Screen Cage offers the most inside space with an approximate 2’ x 2’ base. The Large Breeder cage is 18” wire shelf compatible and has branch holders for solid anchoring of horizontal branches. But, as said before, these branch holders are strong enough to hold potted plants. Take advantage of this and create a naturalistic environment with hiding places and humidity pockets. If you desire the size of the Large Keeper, but the solid walls of the Breeder Series, the XLarge Breeder Cage is a build-to-order cage in the dimensions of the 48″ Large Keeper with all the advantages of the Breeder Series.  The Breeder Series design offers a tremendous new world of possibilities to explore in the interior design of your chameleon cages!


We created the Large Keeper Chameleon Cage Kit to bundle together commonly purchased items and add our special hygiene product of an extra floor panel. In this kit you get the Large Keeper Screen Cage, five Dragon Ledges, and a total of two white floor panels. The Large Keeper Screen Cage is suitable for up to adult male Veiled Chameleons, Panther Chameleon, Jackson’s Chameleons and like sized chameleons. The five Dragon Ledges included give you the tools you need to mount horizontal branches and create a vertical plantscape along your walls. The extra PVC floor is a simple way of making your cleaning time more effective and more efficient. With an extra floor you can switch out a clean for a soil floor panel and then do a deep clean on the soiled floor.

Large Keeper Screen Cage Ordering Information: The Large Keeper Screen Cage is 23.75″W x 23″D x 48″H.  It is compatible with the Large Keeper Drainage Tray and the Large Keeper Substrate TrayThe 25″ Heavy Duty Drainage Tray can be used if more support is needed for potted plants resting on the floor panel. NOTE: If you plan on ordering multiple Large Keeper Screen Cages please go to the Keeper Series Screen Cage page and scroll the bottom for bundling options that will save you money on shipping.

A Large Clearside Enclosure  is available which has front, back and left side (when facing the cage) in the clear material. The right side and top is screen to give ample ventilation. The clearside cages are built on a specific cycle. You may place an order and be guaranteed a cage from the next build. We anticipate a build every other month. The Large Clearside Enclosure comes standard with 5 Dragon Ledges and an extra PVC floor panel.


Large Breeder Hybrid Cage Ordering Information: The Large Breeder Cage is compatible with the Large Breeder Drainage Tray.  For adding substrate to your cage, the Large Breeder cage is compatible with both the 3″ Large Breeder Substrate Trays and 6″ Large Breeder Substrate Trays


XLarge Breeder Hybrid Cage Ordering Information: The XLarge Breeder Cage is 23.75″W x 23″D x 48″H and comes standard with five Dragon Ledge branch holders.   

This cage is built to order.  Please contact us for a schedule quote.

Note: This cage does not fit the standard baker’s racks as the other members of the series do.

XL Breeder Drainage Tray options: The following article is a good reference on how the drainage trays work.   Article: Drainage Trays

Your choice of drainage tray depends on your cage decoration strategy. The XLarge Breeder Cage is compatible with the following Drainage Trays.

One Centerpiece Plant = Large Breeder Drainage Tray. This is the standard tray.  It is used with the PVC floor included standard with the cage and may be used with one potted plant in the middle of the floor.

Clear Floor = XLarge Breeder Drip Easy Drainage System. If all plants and landscaping is mounted with the Dragon Ledges and the floor is clear you may use the Drip Easy System which provides a screen floor panel to replace the standard PVC floor panel.  This removes the visual floor and provides a much nicer visual effect for naturalistic cage set-ups.

Multiple Floor items = 25″ Heavy Duty Drainage Tray. This tray provides much more support for the PVC floor and allows more placement of pots and floor items.

Substrate Tray: A substrate tray is available for caging situations that require a substrate.